Farmacology: New Book Holds Secrets for Your Health

Do small farms hold a secret to your health? In her new book Farmacology, Dr. Daphne Miller tours American farms, talks to top researchers and takes lessons learned into her clinic to find the answer.

A Brain Food Prescription from The Farmacy: TEDx

A Brain Food Prescription from The Farmacy: TEDx

Eat More Curry for a Brain Boost?

Turmeric contains compounds that can boost brain health potentially improving mood and memory.

The Vegan Dialogues

My brief essay, “Meat is Brain Food,” on a New York Times Room for Debate brought about plenty of comment from readers on strict animal-free vegan diets. While many comments were a little too specific for general interest, I’ve compiled here the seven most common vegan objections I’ve heard about the essay and my nutrition and brain-health oriented answers

Do Happy, Healthy Brains Need Meat?

If the human brain requires animal nutrients for healthy functioning, how can it be ethical to deprive the brain of what nature says it needs?

Mussel Up Your Brain!

Mussels are a perfect brain food. Packed with DHA and vitamin B-12, two key nutrients that are vital to protecting your brain health and preserving your memory as you age, they also offer up a dose rare brain essential trace nutrients like iodine and selenium.

Holiday Brainfood Swaps

Keep your Ho Ho Ho free of Boo Hoo Hoo with these Holiday Farmacy BrainFood Swaps. Holiday Holidays!

Colorful Crucifer: A Brain-Building Purple Potion

This year, give thanks for a better brain! Farmacy Brainfood Prescription: Purple Cauliflower