The Three Core Tactics That Result In Better Leadership

“Leadership”…the word conjures up visions of boardrooms, strategies being implemented, and big ideas coming to fruition. Well, the reality for many leaders is much more mundane because they find themselves lacking the time to expand their focus on the bigger picture and opportunities. We have found that three simple actions can free up the critical time...

2055: Message From the CEO

I want to thank you all for your contributions and hard work on this initiative. I especially want to thank our human workers for their time and dedication invested into sharing their understandings with their synthetic coworkers.

Uncovering Hidden Strengths

Uncovering hidden strengths by transforming the right middle skills into new learned strengths at the right time leads to ongoing leadership growth.

Unleashing Innovation

For some, the word “innovation” conjures up feelings of open frontiers, the future, unbridled possibilities. For others the word conjures up feelings of dread. No matter your current reaction to the word, innovation should be an activity that you eagerly embrace every day. Here are some simple steps you can take to help bring an innovation-oriented mindset to your job.

The Three Steps Maximizing Your Collaboration Skills

As a leader or an aspiring one, you should be consistently reflecting on how you collaborate and seeking opportunities to raise your “collaboration game.” Not only will being a strong collaborator raise your productivity and job satisfaction, it will reinforce to others that you are a leader.
Achieving Your Objectives: Starting Slow In Order to Go Fast

Achieving Your Objectives: Starting Slow In Order to Go Fast

In today’s turbo-charged, nitro-powered, gotta-go world, we are pushed to perform faster and, in many environments, we are rewarded for speed. However, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the right objectives on time if you are not clear on what success really looks like, on the resources required, and have a plan.
Maximizing Your Middle

Maximizing Your Middle

Maximize your middle and become a Modern Leader. The Modern Leader, rises up to the challenge of a dynamic and ever-changing landscape which requires looking ahead, and consistently reflecting on how and what they need to do to stay on top of their game to avoid becoming a dinosaur.
The Scent of Great Leadership

The Scent of Great Leadership

According to research published in the Nov. 5, 2012 journal of Psychological Science, suggest that humans communicate via smell just like other animals. Humans can smell fear and disgust, and the emotions are contagious. Is scent the silent and critical ingredient of great leadership?
Brave Enough to Be Humble

Brave Enough to Be Humble

In our highly competitive world, admitting to hitting your peak or any potential gap in your leadership armor is considered heretical in the leadership world. We disagree.
Real Leaders Don’t Say They Are Authentic—They Are Authentic

Real Leaders Don’t Say They Are Authentic—They Are Authentic

It seems like one cannot perform a Google search on the topic of “leadership” without the term “authenticity” popping up. Why is this so? Isn’t authenticity a principle that anyone with clear conviction and focus intuitively operates from? Authenticity in the context of leadership should be invisible.

Social Media and The Intentional Leadership Legacy

For the savvy leader, social media is a powerful medium to build and fortify their legacy. However, for the less thoughtful leader, social media can undermine, betray, and body slam how they are perceived by the world. Smart leaders know how to deploy social media to shape and leave an intentional legacy.

Leaders: This is The Most Important Thing You Can Do Today

Your team should be focused on productivity, but as a leader, your focus should be on bringing the right perspective to your role.
Telepathic Leaders Equal Big Failures

Telepathic Leaders Equal Big Failures

Around the world there are leaders who are intentionally or unknowingly relying upon their psychic abilities and those of their employees to relay important information with disastrous results. Humor aside, the lack of information and assumptions made by leaders regarding things as broad as their vision to specific individual performance expectations leads to big problems.

The Epidemic of Lousy Leadership

Across the U.S. in companies small and humongous there are tens of thousands of leaders who are doing a lousy job. Some may not know they are doing a bad job and many other leaders know they stink but are stuck; unable or not knowing how to change. These Leaders suffer from Lousy Leader Syndrome (LLS).
The Golden Rule of Leadership

The Golden Rule of Leadership

Sure, you might have earned the role—late nights, played the political games just right—and maybe you legitimately deserve the leadership chalice. Congrats. However, being the leader does not always mean you deserve to be the leader. And just because you are the leader does not mean you have a right to lead others. You have been granted the privilege to lead others.

The Punk Rock Leader

A punk rock leader is somebody that is unconventional, creative, and blazes a trail. The punk rock leader may or may not have tattoos, piercings, and a propensity for stage diving. The punk rock leader is bent on doing things their way and will at times push the boundaries of the HR comfort zone. “Punk Rock” as I use the term here is more mindset than a dress code.

Are You a Restless Leader?

Whether you are a Restless Leader or aspire to being one, thinking and acting in the manner of a Restless Leader will focus your actions and help drive personal and company performance.

How to Pick an Executive Coach

What to look for when you need to find an executive coach.

What Motivates People at Work

Do you know what really motivates people at work?

Improve Performance: Focus on Maximizing the Middle!

Is there ROI in investing in your middle performers? Absolutely!

Stop Fighting the Retention Battle; It's an Engagement War

Stop Fighting the Retention Battle When You are Really in the Engagement War!

Your Personal Brand

Your Personal Brand is you key differentiator in this economy. Be intentional and label yourself.

Separation of Corporation and State

Separation of Corporation and State...A New Manifesto? 

Eight Reasons Why You Should Lose Your Job

Take a look in the mirror. Should your company show you the door?

Workplace Doom and Gloom: What if there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

Doom and Gloom: 5 Things You an Do to Relieve Employment Anxiety

Failing the Career IQ Test

For far too long career development has lived in the realm of the likes of Home Economics, HR and other mushy realms. It is time for career development to be taken seriously and at the level of national strategic policy.

The End Work of As You Know It - Permanently

The Wall Street Journal reported today that workplace deaths fell 10% in 2008.

Has the economy pushed you into a Ghost Job?

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