The Secret to Finding Your Bliss

Joseph Campbell suggested that we find our bliss which requires being tuned into your joy. This article helps the reader seek bliss and identify it when it arrives.

Naked Sexual Awakenings

When mentioning the word " Lust" to someone, you can learn about their sexuality. There are also other surprises to learn along the way, such as the connection between yoga and sex

The Sexiest Love Letters

Writing sexy love letters has been around since Renaissance times. It's one of the many ways a couple can show their love for one another. This article inspires writing one.

How to Make New Years' Intentions (Not Resolutions)

It never fails—New Years' resolutions, more often than not, get broken. One of the reasons? It's difficult to be accountable to oneself. An alternative is to set intentions.

How to Practice Peace and Interconnectedness

Observing the holiday decorations this year, I noticed there were more peace signs that in years prior. It was a beautiful reminder that peace in contagious and a good practice.

Maintaining Mindfulness During the Holidays

My recent trip to Maui for a spiritual quest, reminded me of the importance of calm and mindfulness, especially during the busy holiday season. This blog offers helpful tips.

What Can Wounded Storytellers Teach Us?

Many memoirs are based on the author's experience with illness, trauma or the loss of a loved one. Narrative writing is one way to make sense of difficult times. Writing also facilitates reflection on lived experiences. Sharing our stories helps us heal, and also helps readers navigate their own journey.

How to Maintain Calm in the Midst of Chaos

November is the beginning of the holiday season and often a stressful time for many people. It's a good time to develop strategies to manage the chaos and stress inherent to this time of year. Some ways to cope include meditation, setting intentions, being in nature or journaling. This entry includes some suggestions, including writing prompts.

Finding Light in the Darkness

It has been said that there is no light in life without the dark. What is also true is that there is something to learn from both the darkness and from the light. Sometimes we expend too much energy thinking of the darkness, however, there are things we can do to bring balance in our lives between the darkness and the light.

How to Be More Conscious and Compassionate

Did you ever wonder how you can be more compassionate in your life? Often times compassion is linked to being having a sense of consciousness in your everyday life. If we were all more conscious and compassionate this world would be a better place. The article uses examples of compassionate leaders and offers suggestions on how to increase compassion.

How Can You Be More Stoic?

The word stoicism was one written about by philosopher Aurelius and has come to have numerous meanings. The most common reference is to being someone who accepts what is happening without complaining. Others like Taleb say that the stoic sage transforms difficult emotions into manageable ones. This blog offers ideas on how to encourage a sense of stoicism into our lives.

How To Write a Healing Poem

For years psychotherapists have been advocating writing healing poems as a way to navigate through difficult times. In doing so, it's important that the poem is written from the heart and not the mind. The best poems begin with an image or a feeling. This blog offers tips on how to write a poem for emerging and established writers.

Dealing With the Noise in Our Heads

We are all exposed to both external and internal noises. Often, the external noise may be easier to cope with because we can either shut it our or possibly change our location. Internal noise or the voices in our heads, on the other hand, are more challenging to manage, however, they may be lessened through good breathing exercises and a regular meditation practice.

What's Your Joy?

We might be happier if we spend more time thinking of our joys rather than our miseries. Writing about our joy is one way to bring about healing and establishing a sense of harmony in our lives. It can be a way to tap into our subconscious mind. In addition to writing, sometimes trying to do something different as a way to break routine.

How To Become More Resilient

Resiliency is the way in which someone copes with life's adversities. You might assume that some people are simply more resilient than others. The fact is that resiliency may be more of a lifestyle choice than anything else. While some might be innately more resilient than others, resiliency can be a learned behavior resulting in a healthier outlook on life.

Is it Psychosis or a Spiritual Emergency?

A spiritual emergency is a more contemporary and less clinical term than psychosis. It refers to an awe-inspiring event that transcends the ego and can cause psychological and spiritual transformation. Normalizing and acknowledging the event can result in learning and transformation for both the client and therapist.

Finding Your Power Through Writing

The practice of writing, journaling in particular, can be a powerful tool to help you understand your passions and life purpose. Writing is a way to tap into your subconscious mind and learn about your true self. The transcendent feelings that comes in knowing this can be awe-inspiring and life-changing. The article also includes journaling prompts.

Ways to Honor Lost Fathers

In spite of what many think is a crisis in fatherhood, there are still some fathers out there, alive and deceased who have had a positive impact on their children's lives. It's important to stop and reflect on the teachings and wisdoms of those men. This article offers personal and universal ideas on how to do this.

How to Write your Way to Bliss

Writing is healing and transformative especially if practiced during challenging times. It is a good way to give voice to your feelings and also helps foster awareness. It is a way to tap into our feelings to understand our true sentiments so that we may move forward with our lives. Writing encourages mindfulness which is a healthy way towards well-being.

Goddesses: What Are Their Origins and Roles?

A recent birthday celebration reminded me of the importances of goddesses in our lives. We are different goddesses depending upon where we are in the life cycle. Athena, for example, puts career first, Hera puts marriage first, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and saves other women and Aphrodite is the sensual lover. The wise woman arrives later in life.

Communication From Boardroom to Bedroom

Communication between the sheets is as important as it is in professional settings. Intimately, sensual talk is of universal interest and curiosity. Lines of communication should be as open in the bedroom as they are in the boardroom. It is all about the art of transparency. Here are some reasons why transparency and open communication is vital in both scenarios.

Spiritual Seekers: The Backstory

Spiritual seekers are those who follow the path of self-discovery, a path that can be a lifelong path or one sought as a result of a life-changing event. I've been a seeker for my entire life. Seekers look to transform for themselves and also may choose to transform others, especially if they share their thoughts and/or findings.

Love Affair Between Psychology and Poetry

April is National Poetry month and a good time to reflect upon the long-standing connection and mutual respect between psychologists and poets. It has been said that every psychologist has a favorite poet, and every poet has a favorite psychologist. Both professions have keen observational skills and are able to identify deep inner truths of any given moment.

Empowered by Love

In honor of National Women's Month, the focus is on empowering women and humanity. Empowerment means to unlock your inner voice and to affect change to self and others. In order for the process to begin, love for self and humanity must be present.

Love, Longing and Lust: The Pursuit of Happiness

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and sets humans apart from other species. The emotion invites us to transcend into altered states of consciousness which can be very transformative and result in feelings of empowerment.

Hunting for Wisdom: Musings of a Baby Boomer

As baby boomers become elders, they will be called upon to bestow their wisdom on their younger counterparts. Women in particular are becoming more and more known as pathfinders and making waves in their communities in an even more powerful way than the feminists of the 1960s.

Surrendering to Desire

Desire arises from an unconscious place and surrendering to desire entails just allowing a situation to unfold naturally. To do this involves practicing mindfulness and having a sense of gratitude. Surrendering to desire is one way to follow your instincts and allow your heart rather than your mind to lead the way.

Ditch Resolutions; Make Intentions Instead

Very often we make New Years' Resolutions which get broken. It would seem that setting intentions would be a more successful endeavor. Intentions may be connected to relationships, career or self-improvement. Writing and talking about our intentions make us accountable for them. This article discusses how to set intentions and how to keep them throughout the year.

Inspired By Women Warriors

Woman warriors are those who inspire others to become the best they can become. They are pathfinders and those who pave the way for the rest of us navigating our own journey. They are powerful women who we all talk about and aspire to be. At year end, it is a good time to think of all the warriors in our lives.

Love in Paradise

A full moon weekend is a perfect time for a retreat on the power of love. Read more about this spectacular weekend with spiritual leader, Ram Dass and friends in Maui.