Why Be Grateful?

Are you feeling as if you don't have anything to be thankful for? Studies have shown that gratitude leads to better psychological and physical health.

Will There Be a Resurgence of the Hippie Generation?

If you are a baby boomer, are you having feelings of deja vu following the recent election results? Many people are feeling the coming of a revolution. Is it possible?

The Sexual Censorship Controversy

After its publication last week, Anais Nin's latest book of erotica was censored by Amazon, though Amazon later withdrew its censorship.

What Can Secrets and Confessions Reveal?

Most of us have secrets and/or confessions to reveal. Sharing with a therapist, friend, or a journal can be cathartic. Choosing the right recipient of the secret is important.

Why Should You Write Your Memoir?

Are you trying to decide whether to write your memoir? One reason people write their memoirs is because they feel they've got a story to tell and only they can tell it.

What You Should Know About Transcending During Sex

Do you find that some of your sexual encounters bring you to a magical place or a feeling that you're experience an altered state of consciousness? This can be very transformative.

What Death Teaches Us About Living

I've had the honor of being with two different loved ones this year at the time of their passing. In many ways this was an honor which reminded me what is important in life.

The Secrets of Wild Women

In this year of the first female presidential candidate ever, we should never underestimate the power of women in everything from politics to creativity.

What Can a Kiss Tell You About Someone's Sexuality?

Kissing is a very intimate activity and it's been said that you can tell how passionate someone is by the way they kiss. Recent studies indicate that kissing unites people.

Writing Your Narrative From Trauma to Addiction: 4 Prompts

As an advocate of writing for healing, my experience has shown that childhood trauma can lead to addiction in adulthood. Writing one's story is a way to heal. Blog offers tips.

4 Secrets About Being a Modern Grandparent

Many grandparents are different today because many are still working, their life doesn't revolve around their family, and they might live on the other side of the country.

Intimacy and Sexuality After Body Disfigurement

June 7th is National Cancer Survivor Day. As a survivor who also experience disfigurement with my surgery, I want to share my experience and the importance of positive input.

Self-Awareness is Sexy

Self-awareness seems to be the buzz word these days, but there's more to it. It's important to know who we are as a pathway to finding our bliss and joy.

Writing Naked for Change

Letting go of our baggage during the writing process can help you on your journey to self-discovery and ultimately transformation.

Surviving the Narcissistic Mother

Narcissism is not contagious, but it can have a long range affect on loved ones, especially daughters. It's important to be mindful of some of these characteristics as they grow up

The Secret to Writing Transformative Poetry

For years, poetry has been used as part of therapeutic practice. The beauty of poetry is that it succinctly helps us get in touch with our innermost feelings with words and images.

The Naked Brain

Have you ever thought about writing about your intimate life? Perhaps it will help you understand the mind/body connection.

Secrets: Saviors or Demons?

Do you often wonder when to keep a secret and when to divulge? Sometimes it takes a certain amount of discernment. Writing about family secrets can be a healing way to cope.

Love, Will and Being Naked

When I was 16 my family physican gave me Rollo May's book, Love & Will which I did not understand at the time, but this many years later, I found it to be an invaluable read.

Being Naked Physically and Emotionally

Good communication at a physical and emotional level is very important for all relationships. Recent studies have shown the importance of pillow talk for the release of oxytocin.

The Secret to Finding Your Bliss

Joseph Campbell suggested that we find our bliss which requires being tuned into your joy. This article helps the reader seek bliss and identify it when it arrives.

Naked Sexual Awakenings

When mentioning the word " Lust" to someone, you can learn about their sexuality. There are also other surprises to learn along the way, such as the connection between yoga and sex

The Sexiest Love Letters

Writing sexy love letters has been around since Renaissance times. It's one of the many ways a couple can show their love for one another. This article inspires writing one.

How to Make New Years' Intentions (Not Resolutions)

It never fails—New Years' resolutions, more often than not, get broken. One of the reasons? It's difficult to be accountable to oneself. An alternative is to set intentions.

How to Practice Peace and Interconnectedness

Observing the holiday decorations this year, I noticed there were more peace signs that in years prior. It was a beautiful reminder that peace in contagious and a good practice.

Maintaining Mindfulness During the Holidays

My recent trip to Maui for a spiritual quest, reminded me of the importance of calm and mindfulness, especially during the busy holiday season. This blog offers helpful tips.

What Can Wounded Storytellers Teach Us?

Many memoirs are based on the author's experience with illness, trauma or the loss of a loved one. Narrative writing is one way to make sense of difficult times. Writing also facilitates reflection on lived experiences. Sharing our stories helps us heal, and also helps readers navigate their own journey.

How to Maintain Calm in the Midst of Chaos

November is the beginning of the holiday season and often a stressful time for many people. It's a good time to develop strategies to manage the chaos and stress inherent to this time of year. Some ways to cope include meditation, setting intentions, being in nature or journaling. This entry includes some suggestions, including writing prompts.

Finding Light in the Darkness

It has been said that there is no light in life without the dark. What is also true is that there is something to learn from both the darkness and from the light. Sometimes we expend too much energy thinking of the darkness, however, there are things we can do to bring balance in our lives between the darkness and the light.

How to Be More Conscious and Compassionate

Did you ever wonder how you can be more compassionate in your life? Often times compassion is linked to being having a sense of consciousness in your everyday life. If we were all more conscious and compassionate this world would be a better place. The article uses examples of compassionate leaders and offers suggestions on how to increase compassion.