Empowered by Love

In honor of National Women's Month, the focus is on empowering women and humanity. Empowerment means to unlock your inner voice and to affect change to self and others. In order for the process to begin, love for self and humanity must be present.

Love, Longing and Lust: The Pursuit of Happiness

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and sets humans apart from other species. The emotion invites us to transcend into altered states of consciousness which can be very transformative and result in feelings of empowerment.

Hunting for Wisdom: Musings of a Baby Boomer

As baby boomers become elders, they will be called upon to bestow their wisdom on their younger counterparts. Women in particular are becoming more and more known as pathfinders and making waves in their communities in an even more powerful way than the feminists of the 1960s.

Surrendering to Desire

Desire arises from an unconscious place and surrendering to desire entails just allowing a situation to unfold naturally. To do this involves practicing mindfulness and having a sense of gratitude. Surrendering to desire is one way to follow your instincts and allow your heart rather than your mind to lead the way.

Ditch Resolutions; Make Intentions Instead

Very often we make New Years' Resolutions which get broken. It would seem that setting intentions would be a more successful endeavor. Intentions may be connected to relationships, career or self-improvement. Writing and talking about our intentions make us accountable for them. This article discusses how to set intentions and how to keep them throughout the year.

Inspired By Women Warriors

Woman warriors are those who inspire others to become the best they can become. They are pathfinders and those who pave the way for the rest of us navigating our own journey. They are powerful women who we all talk about and aspire to be. At year end, it is a good time to think of all the warriors in our lives.

Love in Paradise

A full moon weekend is a perfect time for a retreat on the power of love. Read more about this spectacular weekend with spiritual leader, Ram Dass and friends in Maui.

A Passionate Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to incorporate a passionate attitude of gratitude as a way towards transformation and a sense of empowerment. This can be done by pausing, reflecting and connecting with loved ones, while practicing the art of lovingkindness.

Sexual Identity and Eroticism in Writing

Some say that freeing your sexual energy can free your creative energy. Those comfortable with their sexual energy, according to Abraham Maslow are more likely to be self-actualized. Tapping into secrets helps with our overall physical, psychological and emotional well-being.

Fantasies, Sexuality, and Halloween

This Halloween I want to wear a sexy dress, fishnet stockings and high heels and maybe a red-haired wig. Men seem to love red heads. This year feels like the time to express my hidden fantasies and desires. Maybe having just become a sexagenarian has brought out this sense of wonder in me. What does your costume say about your fantasies?

Metamorphosis - Is it Your Time for Change?

Life is an adventure into the unknown and mysterious. When we are born, we follow a particular path, but as time goes on, we expand our quest, perhaps undertake an adventure or try something new and different; it is about stepping out of the box to discover something outside our comfort zone, and welcoming some sort of metamorphosis or change.

Transforming a Negative Into a Positive

While transitions and difficult times can be difficult to navigate, they can be transformative and life-changing, as there are ways to turn negatives into positives.

Intimate Communication: What's There to Know?

Our bodies tell the truth. When exploring intimacy and the subject of desire, it is important to be mindful and alert to both verbal and nonverbal forms of communication. If you focus on the art of observation, you will connect on a much deeper level, and after all, isn’t that what being intimate is all about?

Sapiosexuality: What Attracts You to the Opposite Sex?

If you are attracted to the intelligence of the opposite sex, then you might be considered sapiosexual, a new term coined by the urban dictionary.

Happiness, Depression, and Humor

The month of August is Happiness Happens month. It's a time to try to bring happiness to oneself and to others. Sometimes there's a blurring between happiness, depression and humor and the recent suicide of Robin Williams is a perfect example. Article shares musings about these connections and how to nurture happiness.

Why Do Some People Survive and Others Struggle?

My father, a Holocaust survivor taught me that being a positive thinker can lead to happiness and is essential to survival. Those who do not think positively may find themselves struggling unnecessarily through all of life’s turbulence and those hardships and experiences we encounter, whether large or small.

The Joy of Intimacy

Intimacy is a key ingredient to happiness. Regardless of the type of intimacy, whether it is through orgasm or touch, the intimate experience offers the opportunity to tap into good feelings. This can result in emotional and physical well-being and healing, and consequently lead to happiness for all those involved.

Transcending With Words

When we are hurting emotionally or physically, sometimes the best healing is done by writing, and sometimes that writing is not always easy. Taking the risk with your words can transcend the obvious and lead to healing, transformation and empowerment. Embodied writing can help us do this.

Have Love, Will Travel

While travel is often seen as just a getaway from the routine, it can be transformative and empowering, especially if you are young and in love. Blog inspired by Alain de Botton's book, "The Art of Travel."

Writing Passionate Love Letters

Love letters are often born out of the separation of lovers, but they can be an adjunct to keeping the fires of love glowing.

All You Need is Love

Love can be thought of as a higher power or a state you fall in and out of. Whatever your stance or belief, the concept of love most often elicits positive emotions and connotations. Ever since receiving my first love letter from my grade school sweetheart, I knew that falling and being in love can be life changing, offering powerful emotions such as joy and elation.