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Six Reasons Why People Give Their Money Away, or Not

Why do people give away their hard-earned money to charity? An economist and a psychologist explain.

No, Empathy Isn’t a Universal Value

Which countries score the highest on empathy?

Empathy: There’s an App For That!

The science behind using mobile phones for good

What’s the Matter with Empathy?

At a time when “empathy” is more controversial than ever, a researcher explains what it is, what it isn’t, and when it fosters kindness and compassion.

Using the Science of Gratitude to Raise Grateful Children

Gratitude is not just for Thanksgiving.

A psychologist's letter to Santa

Tips for better giving this holiday season

Harnessing Mobile Media for Good

The very technology that has increased our sense of urgency and pace of life is the same that can help us to slow down and enjoy it—and others.

The Caring Cure: Can Helping Others Help Yourself?

If you want to live a longer, happier, and healthier life, take all the usual precautions that your doctor recommends, and then … get out there and share your time with those who need it.

Age and Gender Differences in Dispositional Empathy

What is the most empathetic age group in the US? The answer might surprise you.

Throwing Out the Baby With the Bath Water

Empathy, like anything else, can have a down side. But the case against empathy may be weaker than it first appears.

My Two Cents (About My 2 or 3 Autistic Children)

There is a lot of recent press about autism diagnostics. There is a recent movement to tighten criteria--thereby lessening the number of people placed on the autism spectrum. This post is written by guest blogger Alice Oakes.

'Why Should We Care?'

Professors who care may be seen as both potential suckers or as potential sources of emotional connection...

36 Hours in Empathyville

Yikes... Group hugs!