A Unified Theory of Trump

Trying to fully elucidate Donald Trump’s psychological pathologies is fast becoming a national pastime.

The Shocking Truth

Research in neuroscience and psychology is beginning to illuminate why many people can use their own pain, in effect, as a drug.

Love: A Valentine

Love appears to have arisen from a primal and incredibly powerful biological force.

Sexual Attraction and Survival Mode

As strange as it may initially sound, distressing 'survival-mode' emotional states like anxiety and fear can unconsciously facilitate sexual attraction and lead us into destructive relationships.

Survival Mode and Evolutionary Mismatch

When we live in environments that are drastically different from the ones we’re biologically adapted for, our threshold for "survival mode" triggers is lowered. Repeated triggering leads to stress and pain.

Emotions, Survival, and Disconnection

Our emotions were designed and fine-tuned by evolution to alert us to our true situation and to help guide us in making good choices. But when we become triggered unaccountably into states of "survival mode," our emotions can turn against us, creating destructive patterns and disconnection.

The Body in the Mind

Almost everything the mind does depends on the body.