Remember Boston: Three Stories

A month after the Boston Marathon—and the bombings—I begin a three-part series about three Boston Marathon runners. A runner, injured before the explosions, was in the medical tent when those affected began coming in....How will she cope, in the immediate aftermath and as she contemplates running again?

A Rose by Any Other Name? De-constructing Sport Psychology

By taking apart the term “sport psychology”, we can learn a lot about both sport and the practice of psychology. It’s not just an academic exercise: Whether you’re on the field of play or "sidelined" as coach or parent—and especially if you’d like to be working with any of those people—being accurate is important.

The Process of Change: Being a Learner

Letting ourselves learn can be an important way to maintain our New Years Resolutions...and enjoy the process.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Want to sustain those warm turkey thoughts? Try feeling grateful. Thinking, writing, and/or speaking your appreciation improves your sense of self and connection with others.

Developmental Questions

Sorting out the mystery of professional development...with the aid of a painting.

Being an Excellentist

If you're a performer in any field, it's really important to be a perfectionist. The energy, focus, and drive keep you training, practicing, and learning. As Maggie, a runner returning to her sport, realized, though, the pressure and tension that's often a part of being a perfectionist can interfere with optimal performance. What if you were an excellentist, instead?

Cut the Waist: A Follow-up Open Letter to Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto

Dear Mayor Ford, I wrote to you in February, shortly after you had made a public commitment to lose 50 pounds in five months. Then, I shared some thoughts about goal setting, information derived largely from sport psychology.

Getting to Yes...Or No

When it comes to decision making, what’s a person to do? And who has the power, anyway?