An Attitude of Gratitude

Want to sustain those warm turkey thoughts? Try feeling grateful. Thinking, writing, and/or speaking your appreciation improves your sense of self and connection with others.

Developmental Questions

Sorting out the mystery of professional development...with the aid of a painting.

Being an Excellentist

If you're a performer in any field, it's really important to be a perfectionist. The energy, focus, and drive keep you training, practicing, and learning. As Maggie, a runner returning to her sport, realized, though, the pressure and tension that's often a part of being a perfectionist can interfere with optimal performance. What if you were an excellentist, instead?

Cut the Waist: A Follow-up Open Letter to Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto

Dear Mayor Ford, I wrote to you in February, shortly after you had made a public commitment to lose 50 pounds in five months. Then, I shared some thoughts about goal setting, information derived largely from sport psychology.

Getting to Yes...Or No

When it comes to decision making, what’s a person to do? And who has the power, anyway?