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What correlates with a desire to travel to the past or the future?

Why Do We Engage in Rituals?

What are the ways that rituals can change our lives?

How Does Hot Weather Affect Decisions?

Weather affects the things we buy, but not in the obvious ways you might expect.

What Might Have Been and What Could Be

Thinking about what might have been and what might be can change the way we feel and the actions we take.

Serious Busyness

How do we deal with idleness, and does that change the way we feel?

Savoring: Explaining the Happiness-Wealth Relationship

The ability to prolong and enhance experiences might help explain the link between money and happiness

Does More Money Make You Happier?

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Breathe Deep...?

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Where There's An "I Will" There's a Way

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Holiday Spending Tips

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A Sweet Past

Feeling some degree of connection with the past makes us happier. But what happens when our sense of continuity is disrupted?

Playing Small Ball

When we set out to accomplish a goal, do small victories help win the war?

That Wasn't Really Me

One of the most well-validated findings in psychology is that people in our culture have a very strong desire to feel good about themselves. But are we similarly motivated to feel good about our past selves? Research suggests that the complicated relationship we have with our past self can alter how we feel today.

So Long Ago, Yet So Close

Why do some events feel like they happened a long time ago, while others seem like they occurred just yesterday?

The Way We Spend Impacts How We Spend

Research conducted over the last several decades in offers some insights into why certain forms of payment hurt less, and how we can change our spending patterns as a result.

Does Feeling Sad Mean Being Wiser?

Does sadness truly promote wise choices, as the old aphorism suggests? New research indicates that it might not.