6 Strategies to Communicate With Anger Addicts

Anger addicts cope with conflict by accusing, attacking, humiliating, or criticizing. Unchecked they can be dangerous and controlling. Learn 6 tips to communicate with these type of people.

Understanding the Deception of Passive Aggressive People

Passive aggression is a form of anger, except the anger is expressed with a smile instead of the typical expressions. Learn how to communicate with and understand these types of people.

Tips for Sensitive People to Protect Their Energy

Sensitive people have the ability to be emotional sponges that can heighten when they are at a social event, around co-workers or in crowds. Learn how to manage your senstivity more effectively and stay centered without absorbing negative energies.

Action Steps to Deal with Guilt Trippers

Guilt trippers know how to make you feel badly about something by pressing your insecurity buttons. They use guilt to manipulate so you do what they desire. Learn how to deal with these energy drainers.

Are Difficult People Bleeding You Dry?

Relationships are always an energy exchange. To stay feeling our best, we must ask ourselves: Who gives us energy? Who saps it? Difficult people can leech the energy right out of you. Learn how to successfully deal with five types of these “energy vampires."

Do You Have Healthy Bonding Habits? Take This Quiz

Bonding with a partner is part of falling in love but overly attaching is unhealthy and disempowering. Learn ways not to become obsessive from Dr. Orloff.

Discover Your Financial Type

Money can bring out your most fearful self or your largest heart. Which one you surrender to changes everything. How do you do this? By finding effective ways to surrender fear, stinginess, and other resistances to abundance so that money can flow more freely into your life. Take a quiz to evaluate your financial habits.

Are You a Relationship Empath?

Discover if you are a relationship empath and learn strategies to develop a healthy relationship from my national bestseller, The Ecstasy of Surrender.

Strategies to Relieve Adrenal Fatigue

As a psychiatrist I treat many patients (especially empaths) who come in exhausted with a syndrome known as adrenal fatigue. This is a collection of symptoms such as exhaustion, body aches, anxiety, trouble thinking clearly, and insomnia.

Surrender Your Addiction to Stress

Nearly half of today’s adults reported being more stressed out. Are we doomed to a cycle of stress? In my book The Ecstasy of Surrender I discuss how the answer to stress is letting go, relinquishing control, and being more flexible in dealing with work, finances, and relationships.

Are You a Physical Empath?

Empathic illnesses are those in which you manifest symptoms that are not your own. Take a quiz to discover if you're a physical empath and learn tips on how to protect yourself.