Will the Republican Tax Plan Make Americans Happier?

Research suggests that overall, people are happier when the rich pay more, and everyone pays their share.

Health and Happiness Are Connected Through Politics

The debate over healthcare is also about how happy we are and how long we live.

Presidents and the Pursuit of Happiness

Presidential systems are not good at promoting human happiness. A Trump Presidency doubly so.

An Emperor without Clothes? Positive Psychology vs. Politics

A new book examines the pitfalls of pursuing happiness the American way. Don't fall into the positive psychology trap.
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Our Electoral System Is Bad for Happiness

New research finds that the two-party system is not conducive to the "greatest happiness for the greatest number."

What Would Democratic Socialism Mean for America?

Empirical research consistently finds that European social democracy would create both a higher level and a more equitable distribution of happiness than we presently enjoy.
Attribution: Photo by Gage Skidmore, 2/10/2011. creative commons licence.

Would a Trump Presidency Make Us Happy?

He has the nomination. What would a Trump Presidency really mean for the quality of life in the United States?
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Do Citizens or Politicians Make the Best Political Choices?

New research suggests that ballot initiatives produce more happiness and equality than the "oligarchy" of representative institutions.

Do Progressive or Conservative Policies Promote Happiness?

Academic research suggests that happiness increases as government's role in managing the economy increases.

An Epidemic of Hopelessness?

Depression and suicide are on the rise, while life spans decline. Part of the reason is our politics.

Why Is Denmark the Happiest Country in the World?

Denmark's social democratic public policies and its labor market policies illustrate what the scholarly literature suggests are the most important determinants of human well-being.