The Frightful Prospect of Truth-Telling

Further thoughts on why we lie. A little Q & A with the author —along with an invitation to add your thoughts about the tangled webs we weave when lying.

Pass or Fail: You Make the Call

Why the Millennial generation ignores behavioral boundaries. Could a system of endless repetition without consequences possibly be the culprit?

Why Giving Up Sometimes Makes Sense

Quitting for now can mean winning later on. Giving up to conserve energy can sometimes be our best and smartest option for the moment.

Animal Intersection: The Intelligence-Happiness Connection

How humans and animals derive joy from working together. For many species, happiness is closely linked with opportunities to stretch our minds and work as part of a team.

‘Why is Everyone All Up in My Business?’

Learning to cope when social interaction proves a distraction. If we are hard-wired to be social, why do we sometimes find the attentions of others so frustrating?

Accepting Payment Satisfies Primitive Drives

How hidden associations manipulate our motivation. Rarely do we work solely for the reasons we think.

‘Atta-Boy’: Perfecting the Art of Praise

Meaningful feedback takes practice to provide—and occasionally even requires a bit of social risk.

Putting an End to Tantrums

Understanding the lifecycle of bad behavior. Displays of distemper may be distasteful – but there are ways to quiet them for good.

False Courage: Why We Pretend We’re Stronger Than We Are

How the art of bluffing helps us stand tall. When courage is called for, a good bluff can turn the tides of fortune and upend expected outcomes.

Bullies Beware: Rule Breaking Required

It is easy to be intimidated by bullies, but breaking a few social rules can turn would-be enemies into fast friends.

Late by Four Days?

How to not be kept waiting. When the desire for instant gratification meets perpetual procrastination, what’s to be done?

Altering the ‘Work’ Experience

How behavioral outlook shapes our drive. When old attitudes backfire, developing new ones becomes crucial.

Peace of Mind for the Active Thinker

How to prepare and calm the brain for new tasks. Turning down the volume on cares and worries can reduce mental burn-out.

Is It a Marriage If...?

Does human matrimony reflect our animal nature?

Why We Choose the Words We Use

Can psychology restore your linguistic options? Or are trendy words and phrases destined for the junk heap?

Does Mood Shift Depend on Cognition...or Behavior?

Thinking versus doing: A new study indicates effects on mood control.

How to Keep Calm, Carry On, and Still Get Your Way

Diffusing negative energy before it goes rodeo. How behavioral psychology can help you get what you want even when tempers begin to flare.

Conflict Resolution: Dancing Your Way to Cooperation?

How to avoid a clash of wills in the face of stubbornness. Making the right moves when it counts can head off flared tempers and open conflict.

Why We Don’t Always Play by the Rules

Can acting out keep us safe? Not playing by the social rules is often a behavioral warning, which we ignore at our own peril.

Did I Really Just Commit to That?

How ‘Yes’ slips out in spite of ourselves. Why, when a request comes our way, we are often surprised to find ourselves taking on yet another obligation.

Warming to the Sensual Touch: The Science of Foreplay

How individual notions of reward can change over time. The art of foreplay lies in knowing when and how much – and can lead to deeply meaningful relationships.

Launching Into Multi-Dimensional Thinking

Can we tap into "three-dimensional" thinking?

Why We Settle for Less While Wanting More

How mental habit keeps us from fulfilling our desires. What to do after becoming a bit too accustomed to unacceptable circumstances.

The Benefits of Autopilot Thinking

How mental habits ease the pain of decision-making. But at what cost? Can well-worn grooves of mental routine free our minds, or do they get us stuck in ruts?

Risky Business: The Psychology of Facing Danger

How we arrive at the willingness to take calculated risks. Specific components of mental conditioning are often required to face moments of grave danger.

Mental Voice-Over?

Do internal sound-tracks color your communication? Experienced communicators can often make more from less, predicting what will come next before messages are complete.

Mind Control: Psychology by the Numbers?

How addition and subtraction affect our behavior. Are we truly in charge of our own choices, or does simple math routinely intrude to manipulate our mental equations? Just who or what is in control of our minds?

Fortress of Fear: Why We Sometimes Sabotage Opportunity

Is psychic re-wiring worth the effort after the damage is done? When our experiences teach us to fear, opportunity-sabotaging anxiety, isolation, and distemper can result. The causes of fear are numerous and wide-ranging. Is turning the tide with new behavioral history worth pursuing?

Getting a Leg Up on Optimism

How positive associations enable learning. None of us can learn without relationships. It turns out that variety and fun provide the spice that keeps both going strong.

Why Are We So Prone to Feeling Crazy?

How our nature nurtures feelings of insanity. If we’re not stressed out and feeling crazy right at this moment, we’ve probably paid a recent visit to that neighborhood – and are likely to return in the very near future. Our own thinking may twist us – but it can also uncrumple us again.