Source: Apple

Elegant design.

Intuitive interface.

Apple has set the standard for leveraging technology to change the world.  They helped "those crazies" become empowered and along the way changed all of us.

It's magical.

Then we have the introduction of the iPhone X. And perhaps more notably, the introduction of the poop emoji.  No, wait!  It's the poop animoji! The amazing new technology can map facial expressions in real time and animate those cute little creatures to look and act like you. It's really fascinating and sure to capture the hearts and minds of countless texters out there. It's even a great advance that can help drive adoption and market share. The concept is brilliant and the application is vast but I just wonder if its coming out party could have been a bit...more Apple?

Steve Jobs had a lot to say about design and aesthetics. And it played a central role in defining and differentiating Apple from its competition. Here's what Jobs had to say in 1989.

You’re asking, where does aesthetic judgment come from? With many things, high-performance automobiles, for example, the aesthetic comes right from the function, and I suppose electronics is no different. But I’ve also found that the best companies pay attention to aesthetics. They take the extra time to lay out grids and proportion things appropriately, and it seems to pay off for them. I mean, beyond the functional benefits, the aesthetic communicates something about how they think of themselves, their sense of discipline in engineering, how they run their company, stuff like that.

The new iPhone X is truly beautiful—the design, the technology, and even the new A11 Bionic chip. But I just can't understand how Tim Cook can take a thing of beauty and pair it with a turd.

It's crazy, but maybe akin to those crazies that helped launch and define the Apple brand in the first place.

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