Facebook Can Help You Be Happier and Healthier

We often read about the doom and gloom of Facebook (I am not referring to its current stock valuation). How can we control social media and ensure it is not controlling us?

Loving and Letting Go

Child off to college? How to stay connected and foster independence.

Anthony Weiner: Sex, Lies, and Tweeting

In full disclosure I don't have Twitter. I still am not sold on its appeal for my personal use. I rarely can express myself in 140 words let alone trying to encapsulate that in 140 characters. After witnessing Congressman Weiner's recent Twitter fiasco, I think I may be on to something.

Posting on Disaster

We are innundated constantly by social media updates and information that we observe on YouTube and through our participation in online forums and chats.  Are we paying attention to what is being said or are we desensitized by information overload and ignoring some very real cries for help?

Holiday Blues? Click them away.

The holidays are considered by many to be a joyous time,  but for others,  isolation, frustration and loneliness predominate the season. Let your Digital Self take the reigns and guide your sleigh through this seasonal blizzard.

Does Blocking Your Social Networking Sites Make You Anti-Social?

I am quite sure that the designers of Anti-Social Mac application did not intend to equate those who temporarily block out their friends and family with Charles Manson.

Why Have Teens Stopped Emailing? And Should We All?

No doubt, email can be an amazing work place tool but only within a system of realistic expectations and recognition of the stress that can occur as well as appropriate compensation for time worked.

A History of the Digital Self: Dating 101

With over 220 million internet users in the United States, millions of people are looking online for Mr. Right or Ms. Right Now. It doesn't matter if you are looking for love or casual sex, the internet is like a fast food restaurant and it is easy to find someone to satiate your appetite. Whether it is good for you ultimately depends on what you are hungry for. The internet is the go-to place for a "pre-date". Pre-dating involves meeting, ogling, researching, exploring, fantasizing, analyzing and chatting with others in the hopes of establishing a connection offline. While it is easy to pre-date, making a successful transition offline can be challenging.

A History of the Digital Self: The Evolution of Online Dating

 SEX. Salt-N-Pepa encouraged us to talk about it and George Michael simply wanted it. In the early 90's AOL introduced the chat room where people could manage to do both. People flocked to explore the newest way to flirt, fantasize, and play, cyber style. Quite expectedly, an entirely new format for socializing emerged. The possibilities for how it would impact our intimate lives and change the landscape of dating was soon to be seen. A social and sexual revolution was born. 

Twitter Twitter on the Phone........

What would Freud think of Twitter? After all, he really refined and capitalized on the whole concept of free association, would he find it useful or dangerous? It's one thing to lie on the couch and allow your stream of consciousness to flow with a trained analyst monitoring, containing and guiding these thoughts of our unconscious journey, but what would he think of unleashing our Id anytime, anyplace to anyone whose only credential is only that of "follower." Could these followers replace the Freud's of today and bring psychoanalysis to a screeching halt? Hardly, but what is this preoccupation with putting ourselves out there every chance we get?

Understanding and Creating Your Digital Self

In this technological age, the digital self has become a frequent visitor on the couch.  Let's be honest here, who hasn't struggled with their digital self-identity?