Family Dinners are Great for the Body and the Soul

Science says Michelle Obama is right about the importance of family dinners. Potus, Flotus, and the First Girls take full advantage. Does your family?

Should You Turn Off Tech at Dinner?

Today’s parents have a whole new set of table manners to grapple with—those associated with technology. And, according to our survey data, this is a dicey area, where what’s good for the gosling turns out not to be so good for the goose. Some sensible tips are offered to help ease tensions at the dinner table.

5 Fights to Avoid Over The Holidays

Don't let your GPS ruin your holiday fun.

If Mother Says No, (Don't) Go Ask Grandma

Gone are the days when mom and dad could proofread (and edit) Christmas letters before they were sent over the river and through the woods.

You Can Smell It, Touch It, and Keep It Forever: The Camp Letter

A parent (and a child’s) greatest treasure may come in paper envelopes.

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Helicopter Parent as You Send Your Child Off to College

Are the constant texts, phone calls, and emails keeping your child from healthy separation?

Why iPhones Don’t Go to Summer Camp

Kids (and parents!) struggle to unplug for summer camp.

Three Things Technology Has Taken Away from You

We decided to ask a group of over 200 parents: “What are you not doing now that you used to do because of technology use?”

Is the Technology Revolution Passing You By? A Look Behind the Numbers

Find it hard to believe the average person is really sending 1200 text messages a month?

Who knows your digital secrets?

Our email holds some of our most personal information. When our tech-savvy kids have access to a shared computer or our smartphones, what are the implications of their learning our secrets by reading our email?

Improving your relationship: LUV LTRS and other digital quickies

Many have warned of the communication pitfalls associated with texting. But new research suggests that texting can improve our relationships, especially if used to create an “arc of connection” with our partners.

Hit Send, No Wait: The dangers of a hyper-personal online life

Online communication can bring mischief and even serious trouble with peers and colleagues because it invites far more disinhibition than face-to-face conversation. It's estimated that 12% of adults said that they had shared information online that they later regretted posting. So what makes us so prone to over-sharing and what can be done about it?

What does the digital revolution have to offer the "old old?"

The "old old" are a demographic who mostly have been left in the dust by the digital age revolution. Very few of the old old -- those over 85 -- use social networking sites, though some may use email to stay in touch with family or with their doctors. But there are other, more subtle ways that the very elderly are benefiting from the digital revolution.

Fasting, Gorging or a Balanced Digital Diet?

 If you think you need a cleanse to clear out the gluttony of too much emailing, texting and using other screens, you may want to celebrate the second annual National Day of Unplugging, which goes from sundown on March 4 to sundown on March 5. 

Being a “Digital Klutz” Is Good for Your Family

Don't be upset if you are clueless about how to set the DVR. Don't fret if your teen buys you a webcam for your birthday and tries to teach you to Skype. Being a digital klutz may be just the opening your child needs to start stepping up to the plate and feeling like a grown up.

12 Ways to Unplug for the holidays

The holidays should be a time to reflect on times and traditions past. Parents have an opportunity over the holidays to show their kids the ways they used to play - something that may be lost on this current digital generation.

iPhone in the Baby Bag

New parents use technology to fight the isolation of being left at home during the day, to get parenting information they might have sought in an earlier time from relatives, and to document their babies' nursing and napping habits. But what's the impact of all this technology on the basic job of being a new parent -- creating a stable attachment with a baby?

eParenting: Setting limits even if your kids know more than you do

Although your kids may be the experts when it comes to technology, you are still the experts when it comes to your children's well-being. Even light, intermittent limit-setting around technology can go a long way to staying in charge, even if you're not always sure what you're doing.