The Dark Side of Dependency

Compared to other personality disorders such as antisocial or borderline personality disorder, not nearly as much research attention had been devoted to dependent personality disorder. However, interpersonal dependency is associated with a variety of both negative and positive consequences.

Choosing a Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology

Lots of people are interested in careers in clinical psychology and prospective students have many excellent training options. However, there are also expensive programs that may not be worth the cost in tuition and time. The entry lists things to look for and questions to ask before enrolling in a graduate program.

Mass Shootings, Media Ethics, and Stigma

While it is tempting for "mental health experts" to weigh in following a tragedy, much of their speculation is ill-informed and runs the risk adding to the stigma of mental illness. A recent interview on Fox News demonstrates the depth to which so-called experts can sink.

How Spiteful Are You?

Unlike other forms of aggression, spiteful acts no only involve hurting another, but also involve self-harm. Historically, medieval nuns cut off their own noses to spite invading barbarians. Even bacteria are capable of acting spitefully. Yet, psychologists are just beginning to study spitefulness as a personality trait.