My Short List for Creating a Happy Relationship

Here's my list of nine simple things that give any relationship the best chance of happiness.

Valentines Day: Take This Relationship Challenge!

Pick two of these five new things to try on Valentines Day. You have nothing to lose but the status quo.

This Simple Mistake Can Gaslight Your Child

I want to share a gaslighting communication that I will never forget—never mind that it happened decades ago.

Bad Luck is the Key to Your Future Happiness

We judge change as good or bad. Here's why we can’t know for sure.

The #1 Life-Changing New Year’s Resolution

This is the best resolution for 2018, in a word — well, two words.

What You Can Learn From Those Dreadful Public Apologies

Have you noticed that the public apologies making headlines these days are empty, vague, minimizing, obfuscating, and self-serving?

An Unexpected Apology from a Bike Thief

A short blog on an unexpected apology from a bike thief.

A Quick Fix for Conquering Your Fear

Sometimes you can move past a fear quickly, if you are willing to act.

The #1 Life-Changing Communication Rule

I confess to still finding it very difficult to follow my own advice on this.

How to Ruin a Sister Relationship in One Easy Lesson

Want to heal things with your sister? Here's what NOT to do.

“You Need to Forgive!" and Other Lies That Hurt You

Encouraging forgiveness can leave the hurt party feeling emotionally unsteady and betrayed all over again.

Two Magic Words that Keep Relationships Together

Here are the two most healing words in the English language--and why.

7 Steps to Dealing with Criticism

Dealing with unfair criticism? Here’s what decades of studying relationships has taught me.

The #1 Brain-Scrambling Apology

Let's de-code the most brain-scrambling apology of them all.

The Single Word That Turns an Apology Into an Insult

Here's the two-letter word that means you've given or received a bad apology.

Why the Apology You Didn't Get Matters

Questioning ourselves for being “oversensitive” is a common way that women disqualify our legitimate anger and hurt.

Why That Person Who Hurt You Will Never Apologize

Here's why the person who hurt and betrayed you won't get it and feels no remorse.

The Five Best Ways to Ruin an Apology

Here's how to de-code those relationship-busting apologies in love and work.

Take the #1 Apology Challenge!

We're wired to muck up the apology. Take this #1 apology challenge.

Apologies Are for the Weak: How to Crush Your Enemy

New research indicates that real men don't apologize.

The Danger of Confronting the Family Member Who Hurt You

The more serious the harm, the less likely that the person who hurt you will ever get it.

7 Tips for a Remarkable Marriage

Here are 7 short and simple tips for a remarkable marriage.

The Key to Calming Down and Finding Peace

The things that help you deal with crises—or just plain stress—may take you by surprise.

How to Voice the Ultimate to Your Partner—And Be Heard!

What's your bottom line? Here's how to make yourself heard!

Want to Have a Better Marriage? Here's How

Books and blogs are filled with tips to strengthen your marriage. You don’t need this advice.

The Best Reason to Never Rock the Boat with Your Partner

Beware! When you change one thing, there is no guarantee where it will stop.

An Unforgettable Tale About Forgiveness

Here is a moving Hassidic parable about forgiveness and healing broken connections.

My Mother's Best Relationship Advice in Seven Words

When I was a little girl growing up in Brooklyn, my mother taught me a lesson of great value. It took only seven words.

Dear Diary: True Confessions From a Diary-Keeper

My diaries give new meaning to the word "shallow." Still, they laid the foundation for my writing life.

How To Become a Published Author: It's Not What You Think

During that five year period my first book was rejected, I couldn’t walk into a bookstore without getting depressed.