My lists are essential, the new form of me

 I write and rewrite them as neat as can be

Asterisks, numbers outlining the chores

Penned in my smartphone or a pad from the drawer


My list captures details, sees duties are met

God knows what would happen if I should forget

The sneakers, the lunch snacks, the trips and the rest

This list-raving lunatic will kill my soul yet


This is not what I signed for, not what I’d hoped

I wanted home blisses and now I feel choked

Minutia, non-crucials just deaden my soul

Once I was well bred and now I’m a troll


How do I get out from under these tasks?

I fret and I fear I’ll lose it and crash.

The bicker, the dropped towels, the socks in the hall

Infuriate! Why don’t they come when they’re called?

Here’s the solution, here’s what I can do,

Talk with friend/mothers who gave things up too.

Take daytrips, plan pastimes, do arts and good deeds

If my passions are pulsing, my kids will take heed


I’ll skippen my heart, I’ll sparken my brain

Share paintings! And movies!  Songs like Penny Lane!

Enjoin other families who intrigue and delight

Feel love and feel lucky when all hug good night.


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