How to Talk to Your Kids About Trump

A few ways to manage post-election stress.

Will Augmented Reality Be the New Therapy?

Can augmented reality gamify mental health treatment?

Does Sugar Cause Mental Illness?

Empirical evidence that you are what you eat.

Violence and Valentine's Day

Can St. Valentine stop the violence?

Running IS Meditation

Running is not about running for me anymore. It's meditation.

Can You Trust Someone? Don't Check Their Phone. Check This.

Will your relationship last? Credit scores may hold the answer

3 Tips on Moving From Fear to Faith

Can you push through your fear and move forward with faith?

Stop Giving Thanks!

Words, like Black Friday specials, quickly lose their value when they are delivered between Kung Fu kicks to the face.
Four Easy Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Hero Today

Four Easy Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Hero Today

It's a new day—inside and out.

Happiness vs. Now-ness

You can't always be Happy, but you can always be Now.

Should You Leave Your Job? Do the Math

Many long for a formula for deciding whether they should stay or go when it comes to their job/career.There are four factors to consider when weighing whether or not to leave a job: learning, value, money, and potential, and this framework may help you do it.
Love Is Just the Entry Fee

Love Is Just the Entry Fee

Is love really all you need?

The One Valentine We Never Send

Boom! Today’s the day. Valentine’s Day is here. You can stop pretending you didn’t notice, because you did. Even for the Occupy Valentine's Day protesters, there's really no way around it.

Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows?

It's time to come out of the closet. I'm a Muppet-lover and I don't care who knows it. I'm gonna shout it from the mountaintops, consequences be dammed. I've been a Muppet-lover since forever. I just never had the courage to tell anyone.
Procrastination Nation

Procrastination Nation

Let's face it: You are procrastinating. Even as you read these words you are avoiding doing something that you "should" be doing. And that's okay (as long as you keep reading my post). Americans are superbly efficient at at least two things: 1) Keeping Sarah Palin in the popular press, and 2) Procrastination. Now that I think about it, perhaps those two are linked.
Get Busy!

Get Busy!

The best way to create this summer... Get busy!