Who Will Save Us From Rape on Campus?

Who will save us from rape on campus? A college chaplain responds to the Brock Turner case and the epidemic of campus sexual assault.

Which States are Smarter and Why?

Parasite Stress--A Unified Theory of Morality?

Neuroscientists Learn to Read Minds

Like many a child, I spent a lot of time dreaming of a world where imagined inner realities could somehow manifest in the outer realm. Once I wished so hard for the gift of flight that I began flapping my 'wings' in public (long past the age when this would have been cute).

The High Cost of Agreeability

It's no secret that we're descended from Chimpanzees and partial heirs to their competitive hierarchical structures, so why am I so shocked that at the occasional impulse to gnash my teeth while clicking the obligatory Facebook 'like' on a colleague's accomplishment?

What can monkeys, porn and celebrities teach us about autism?

Twelve rhesus macaques were given the option of foregoing varying amounts of highly-prized cherry juice while looking at pictures of female monkey hindquarters and genitalia, as well as faces of high- and low-status monkeys in their social hierarchy.

Does religious belief make you more racist?

Numerous studies showing benefits like increased happiness, health and longevity for the faithful have surfaced in recent years. But new research suggests that religious belief can also make you more racist.