Who’s to Blame? The Real Downside of the Blame Game

When things go wrong, blaming someone or something – even yourself – can help you cope. But blame can be a problem, too. Here's how you can move past the blame game.

What You Can Do When Your BFF Turns Into Your Worst Enemy

Frenemies aren't just for your teen years. This painful and sometimes surprising reversal occurs in the lives of women of all ages, and all over the world.

Helping Your Child Deal With College Rejection & Acceptance

College acceptances and rejections are coming in. How parents respond can help or hinder adolescents in the developmental task of transitioning from home to college.

Looking for a Baby Name?

If you are trying to find a special name, you may want to check out this new research first.

6 Smarter Ways to Deal With a Bully

Susan* is an extremely well-dressed, attractive woman in her early 50s. She has two grown children. And she is a bully. Is there any possibility that she could change her ways?

Between Friends: Sexuality in Women's Friendships

A young female client once asked me,“If I like to look at other women does it mean I’m gay? Or bi?” What is the answer to that question?

What if You're Depressed or Anxious and Can't Find Help?

"Friendship Benches" offer a new tool in the fight against depression and anxiety.

7 Ways to Deal With a Grudge Holder

What can you do when you’re the target of a "grudgemeister’s" sometimes silent, but unmistakable wrath?

Does Your Partner Also Need to Be Your Best Friend?

“My wife is my best friend," or “I can talk to my women friends about things my husband would never understand.” Which approach is better?

Interfaith Holidays and Conflict Resolution

A rise in interfaith marriages has led to greater confusion about how to celebrate the holidays, and greater family tensions than ever before. How can you manage the differences?
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Are You Worried About the Holidays This Year?

If events in the world and in your life are making you long to hibernate, these research-based tips can help you get through — and even make a difference.
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Nasty Woman, Angry Bitch or Confident, Competent Female?

How can you be a “nasty woman,” that is, strong, aggressive and emotionally expressive, without being viewed as dangerous, unfeminine, or just plain bad.
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Can’t Get Started? Can’t Catch Up?

Why do we put things off, when it would be so much easier to just go ahead and get them out of the way?
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For the Public Good: How Much Difference Can You Make?

Have you given up on trying to make a difference in the world? Research says that you might want to revise your strategy.

The Pros and Cons of Giving a Friend Advice

Whether you give advice as a matter of course or you think carefully about everything you say, giving and taking advice from a friend is rarely simple.

When a Malignant Narcissist Starts to Unravel

When a narcissist moves along a path of potential self-destruction, they have no problem destroying anyone and everyone on that path with them.
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This Is How to Rescue a Struggling Relationship

Do you fear that your marriage is in trouble? Try to improve it using this research-based solution.
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Why Do We Hate Difference?

Why do leaders who nurture prejudice and fan the flames of hatred become so incredibly and disturbingly popular? And what can you do about it?
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Is It Wrong to Want to Be Admired?

How do you know whether your desire to be seen and admired is narcissistic?

8 Ways to Respond When a Friend Hurts You

What's the best way to respond when a friend hurts you?

Can Friends Raise Your Pain Tolerance?

Social networks have many purposes, some good and some bad, but who would have thought that they might work as a painkiller?

The Best Way to Say Goodbye to College Friends

“I can’t wait to get to college!” “I’m so glad to be leaving behind all of the gossip and backbiting of high school friendships!” “I don't want to leave my best friends"

4 Steps for Dealing With Self-Centered People

Amanda is loads of fun to be around. But, “the price of being Amanda’s friend,” says one member of her group, “is that you have to give all of your attention to Amanda."

How Can We Understand Our Fear of the Other?

What can science fiction and fairy tales tell us about our emotional selves?

What’s the Best Way to Deal with Rude and Selfish People?

What is the cause of selfishness, rudeness and entitlement? What draws us to someone with these qualities? And what can you do when someone is rude to you or someone you love?

Tweens, Teens, Texting and Sexting

Pat's thirteen year old was going to send a sexy picture of herself to her new boyfriend. Should Pat take away the phone, ground her, monitor all electronic activity?

Do Men Have a Problem With Dating Smart Women?

Years ago, Sara’s mother had told her, “if you want to find a husband, don’t be too smart.” Was she right?

Why Is It Hard to Say “No” and How Can You Get Better At It?

Do you have troubles saying "no"? You're not alone. Here are some reasons why this little word is so hard to say, and seven simple ways you can learn to say it better.
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Feel Guilty? 6 Steps to Manage, Repair and Move On

As the New Year approached, Dan*, a college professor in his early thirties, told me that he was feeling so guilty about all of the things he had failed to do this year.

How Much Money Do You Need to be Happy?

If money doesn't always lead to happiness, why do we think that we will be happier with more of it?