The Strength of Local Public Schools

A local school board suspends educators and a community bands together.

The Ones the Wolves Pull Down

Proposed budget cuts for mental health programs conflict with the need for preventative treatment for high rates of suicide among farmers.

The Curious Case of Rick Ankiel

Baseball pitcher Rick Ankiel developed a case of the pitching yips. The concept of social facilitation helps explain it.

Gaydar Goes AI and Populism Comes to Science

An upcoming study on a computer program that categorizes sexual preference from photos has come under fire.

Death, Taxes, and Urination

The cognitive effects of withholding urination are discussed in the context of athletic performance.

Looking for Social Behavior?

An encounter with a species of beetles that pair bonds, communicates with their offspring through sound, and deals with infanticide threats from other pairs.

A Message With Broad Appeal

An analysis of the persuasiveness of President Trump's speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit on May 21, 2017.

The United States Navy and The Communist Manifesto

During the Cold War, the United States Navy used The Communist Manifesto in teaching leadership. This example of viewpoint diversity is useful for today's campus climate.

Barry Goldwater’s Moral Foundations of Conservatism

In 1960, Barry Goldwater made observations about the differences between Liberals and Conservatives that were later supported by Jonathan Haidt's work on moral foundations.

Group Polarization and Support for the President

Social psychological commentary of CBS News data that shows four categories of support for Donald Trump.

Obama, Trump and the Executive Order

Recent articles in The Atlantic, Politifact, and National Review disagreed on whether or not the executive order on immigration and refugees was consistent with previous policy.

On Conservatives, Liberals, and Fake News

Commentary on a new finding that, compared to liberals, conservatives were more receptive to believing false negative information regarding hazards.

Implicit Racial Prejudice and Explicit Discrimination

Recent media coverage has questioned the utility of research on implicit biases. This article responds to criticisms of the IAT.

Profile of a Trump Voter’s Decision

A conservative social psychologist explains his vote for Donald Trump.
Robert Mather

God and Man on AM Radio

Music leaving AM radio for FM radio and the Fairness Doctrine repeal contributed to the rise of conservative radio.

Politics in the Professorate and the Professor Watchlist

A new conservative website stirs up concern among liberal faculty members and is under scrutiny for obstructing viewpoint diversity.

An Open Letter to the Okahoma Pantsuit Nation

Haidt's moral foundations and the principle of similarity are applied to the Pantsuit movement.

Vote for Your Own Character

Voters arrive at their decision to vote for a candidate in different ways. After the election, we should respect the decisions of others as coming from different perspectives.

In Defense of the Value of Football

Despite the recent fears of CTE, football remains a valuable tool for developing youth.

The Limited Influence of Liberal Professors

Although liberal professors outnumber conservative professors in higher education, their ideological influence is limited.

I Don’t Want to Fade Away

Recent research suggests that the average grip strength of men in America has decreased in the past 30 years.

An Officer’s Worst Day

The police will be there for you on your worst day. Will you be there for them on theirs?

Psychologists Analyzing Donald Trump from Afar

Highlights recent psychological science-based analyses of Donald Trump.

Fox News and American Politics Since 1994

Social psychological processes of the hostile media phenomenon and group polarization have played substantial roles in the recent evolution of American Politics.

Building a Politically Tolerant Social Psychological Science

Social psychology is uniquely positioned to be a model for diversifying science.
Robert Mather

Embracing the Right

Social psychology needs conservative scientists to communicate effectively to conservative decision makers.

My Conservative Values

Following empirical research into the underrepresentation of conservatives in social psychology, a conservative perspective can inform the development of empirical theories.

The Ideology of Social Psychology

Recent empirical research has shown that there are very few conservative social psychologists, and it has been suggested that this lack of diversity is harmful to the field.