The Brevity of Time

You would think that awareness of our common fate – the knowledge that we are all ‘in the same boat’…. in that we all, individually, die – would induce some small, however slight, sense of our common ‘humanness’ across the world’s nations and cultures.

The Retreat of Romanticism

The term Romantic has become downgraded.

On Grief

The distinction between physical ‘pain’ and ‘psychological ‘grief’

Virtual Reality: The Big Question Mark

What happens when we live a totally computerized life?

Two Ways to Look at Life

How do we individually deal with the fact of getting old?

The Stain on the Road

I was not prepared for the sadness that suddenly took hold.

The Eternal Verities

I found myself contemplating a phrase for the first in many years.

Music and Transcendence

I read the other day that several of the major symphony orchestras are experiencing financial problems – difficulties due to the fact that the number of season ticket-holders is diminishing, and that their numbers are not being adequately replaced by a younger generation of ‘music lovers.’

Looking for a Refuge

Talking with a few friends the other day regarding the ‘state of the world’ in general, and human behavior in particular, I happened to say how important it is to have ‘a refuge’.

The Delphic Oracle and Individuation

Over 2,000 years ago, the Oracle told its supplicants to ‘Know Thyself’.

The "Empty Nest"

My birds, the Titmouses, came to symbolize for me the selflessness of parenting and of the love which is part of it.

Seeing Is Believing

The difference between believing and perceiving

Talking to One's Self

What do our inner monologues say about us?

In the Beginning Was the Word

With the arrival in human consciousness of the "Word" leading to the onset of Language, the "sapiens" (thinking and comprehending) advance in our evolution had arrived.

Taking Time Out

With the world at one’s fingertips, the compelling attraction is to be in, and of, the world most of the time.

Sound and Silence

The sounds of Nature have been losing out to the sounds of the Machine Age for some two centuries now.

A Loss of Wonder

Exploring the Grand Canyon

Sympathetic Magic

The power of 'magic-promoting' images—and how it still affects us today.

Destiny: "Determinism" Versus "Free Will"

"A consistent man believes in destiny, a capricious man in chance." So replied Benjamin Disraeli when asked which of the above two life-directing factors had played a major role in determining his destiny as a politician and statesman. If asked the same question as to the course of your own life, how would you respond?

A Question of Identity, Part 2

What is the "psyche"?

A Question of Identity, Part 1

Is what you see all you’ve got to go on?

Big Brother—Then and Now

While revolutionary political dictatorships can ultimately be overturned, the revolutionary technological culture with which we are now involved is obviously here to stay.

The Crowd Phenomenon

One loses a sense of personal identity when becoming part of a vociferous crowd.

'Marathon Runner' or 'Sprinter'?

A look at personality types and aerial warfare.

The Journey and Destiny of the Wooly Bear Caterpillar

"Progress" has not benefitted all creatures.

The Ultimate Book

For those of us still in the habit of holding a book to ‘read’, that is…

Escapism and Contemporary Life

We all have evolved to live a kind of ‘double-life’.

To ‘Be’ or Not to ‘Be'

On first reading ‘Hamlet’ at the age of 17, I readily identified myself with the Prince of Denmark.

Stopped in My Tracks

There are hundreds of thousands of men and women in the world who have to function on "emergency" power; in so doing they display a capacity for courage that keeps them going, whatever danger, fear, and suffering are involved.

The Large Hadron Collider and the Uncertainty of Time

There are occasions when past and future seemingly cease to exist – either when one is swept up in a ‘whirl’ of powerful feelings, or suddenly carried off by a brainstorm of compelling thoughts.