Has the vast range of information available these days intensified a general level of curiosity or not?

Music: One of Our Most Profound Creative Achievements

Music evokes an awareness of mystical ‘truths’ that lie beyond the existential reality.


Such is the journey of human consciousness.

A Sort of Revelation

Are the haphazard workings of ‘Chance’, or the purposeful and controlling ‘forces’ of some cosmic ‘Design Intelligence at work in Nature?

Lack of Moral Fiber (LMF)

Are we, as a species, evolving in terms of moral sensibility…or devolving?

The Risks of a Diminished Consciousness

The way things are going, we may, at some point, have to call ourselves something other than the ‘Human Race.’

The Journey of Life

Just what is implied nowadays when we say that someone has led a ‘successful life’?

The Decline of Humane Sensibilities

Empathy or “fellow feeling’ constitutes a major development in the growth of human consciousness over thousands of years.

Beyond the Five Senses

What, if any, is the difference between the two faculties of human consciousness, 'believing" and "knowing"?

Quality of Life

The inward and outward adventuring of human consciousness

The Wonderlands of the Mind

The creative lengths to which the imaginative mind can go....

So Human an Animal: Homo Sapiens?

Perhaps dogs have the edge on us as a species when we study the history of mankind in nature’s world.

Is Man Related to Something Infinite?

Has human consciousness evolved?

Pills and Talk

Is a pill enough to achieve mental restoration?

Two Ways of Consciousness

Perhaps evolution is taking us away from any awareness of such a phenomenon as individuality.


Just what is meant by ‘belief’­?

Humanness and Heroism

Who counts as a hero?

The Profound Psychological Power of Bonding

Two basic levels of awareness result from consciousness’ constant encounters with the outside world.

A Liberal Believer

The difference between the words ‘religion’ and ‘spiritual’

Living a Mystery at Two Levels

‘What would the question be if we knew all the answers?’

Of Dogs and Memory

The ‘storehouse’ of memory is an important base source, providing the ‘ammunition’ that stimulates the human imagination to wander at will.

The Brevity of Time

You would think that awareness of our common fate – the knowledge that we are all ‘in the same boat’…. in that we all, individually, die – would induce some small, however slight, sense of our common ‘humanness’ across the world’s nations and cultures.

The Retreat of Romanticism

The term Romantic has become downgraded.

On Grief

The distinction between physical ‘pain’ and ‘psychological ‘grief’

Virtual Reality: The Big Question Mark

What happens when we live a totally computerized life?

Two Ways to Look at Life

How do we individually deal with the fact of getting old?

The Stain on the Road

I was not prepared for the sadness that suddenly took hold.

The Eternal Verities

I found myself contemplating a phrase for the first in many years.

Music and Transcendence

I read the other day that several of the major symphony orchestras are experiencing financial problems – difficulties due to the fact that the number of season ticket-holders is diminishing, and that their numbers are not being adequately replaced by a younger generation of ‘music lovers.’

Looking for a Refuge

Talking with a few friends the other day regarding the ‘state of the world’ in general, and human behavior in particular, I happened to say how important it is to have ‘a refuge’.