Suspended for Winning?

This article discusses the suspension of coaches following overwhelming victories after a high school basketball coach was recently suspended following a 161-2 win.

The Emotionally Intelligent Coach

This article considers the role of emotional intelligence for the sports coach. It appears that what separates great coaches from the rest of the pack is often not determined by an extraordinary amount of tactical and technical knowledge, but rather the ability of a coach to be aware and regulate emotions, empathize, and build effective relationships.

Myths and Misconceptions of Sport Psychology

There are common misunderstandings surrounding sport psychology that adversely affect the likelihood of coaches addressing the psychological dimensions to performance.

Navigating the Line Between Coaching and Distracting

It's not just athletes who need to be reflective, it is important the coaches ensure they are providing their athletes with an appropriate amount of feedback and communication which will contribute to their performance without undermining their focus on the task at hand.

Maintaining a "Winning" Focus Is Not the Way to Win

Performance, in any discipline, requires engagement. When we shift attention from the task at hand to something that may, or may not, happen in the future (winning/losing and the potential repercussions), we undermine our ability to perform in the moment.