Witnessing an Abusive Relationship -- 'Whiplash': the Movie

This psychological review of the film "Whiplash" discusses one of the most powerful but least apparent dynamics in an abusive relationship -- the manipulation of truth. “Whiplash” was nominated for Best Picture 2015. J.K. Simmons won the award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

The Problem with an Asylum

4 of the top 10 psychiatric hospitals in America are stand-alone institutions. Does the geography and architecture of psychiatric care erect invisible impediments to the spread of new ideas? Steve Jobs thought about the architecture of innovation. So should we.

How Much Do Psychotherapists Need to Know About the Brain?

The brain-basis of language has been known for more than 100 years. How important is it for psychotherapists to know about the brain, given that emotional communication is central to psychotherapy?

How Should Mental Problems be Diagnosed?

The National Institute of Mental Health has a new approach to thinking about research into mental illness. There is hope that this will lead to more effective treatments and a better diagnostic system for mental disorders.
Internet Addiction-–Sign of a Medical Problem?

Internet Addiction-–Sign of a Medical Problem?

Needles in the haystack of Internet Addiction–two dramatic medical conditions that can drive Internet Addiction are discussed in this article.

In Search of a Good Night's Sleep

So…you’ve listened to all the advice about getting a good night’s sleep. You’ve tried everything, but nothing works. Consider the possibility that you might have a sleep disorder. Primary sleep disorders are common and treatable.