Your Car and Your Health

Can your love affair with your car help your health?

Taking the Car Keys Away—Forever

Illness rushes the hands on the "stop driving clock." Tips to remember when you must force a spouse or parent to look at the time on their clock.

Caregiving: A Disease?

Is caregiving a disease? What if you could prevent it?

Just Yell at Them!

How do you survive with someone who's sick AND mean? If living with someone like this has you humiliated, angry and sick, learn the simple path to change.

What About Sex?

Frustrated and embittered men and women angrily launch this question at their partner. Learn what to you do when your partner's desire for sex doesn't match yours.

Who Helps the Caregivers?

She faithfully loads her husband's wheelchair into the car, but who attends to her needs? Some skills make you a good caregiver, but which ones let you survive it?

Caregivers Turned Killers

Caregivers perch precariously on the edge. 5 steps prevent going over.

Affairs are Self-Indulgent

Affairs are the perks of high-profile positions. Does this self-indulgence carry over to the general population and spousal caregivers?

5 Tips to Help You Survive Until Next Year’s Caregiver Month

Do caregivers really feel like celebrating National Caregivers Month? What do they really want?

Should I Discuss MY Needs With My Dying Spouse?

Do you selflessly stay silent on important issues so you won't upset your spouse? Rather than letting opportunities pass you by, learn simple methods so you don't start widowhood behind the 8 ball.

When Caregivers Care Too Much

Trained since childhood to be selfless, caregivers become overly responsible and controlling—damaging themselves and their loved ones in the process. Recognizing and employing other options breaks this cycle. Learn 4 of these options that help couples restore their loving relationship.

Are Your Caregiving Worries Harming Your Relationships?

Do you think you worry more than other caregivers? Is your distress putting a wedge between you and your loved one? Learn which worries put many caregivers at their wit’s end and specific steps to quell them. Remove the wedge these frustrations put between you and your spouse, and return to a more peaceful and loving life together.

Caregiving--Where Do You Begin?

Your love’s serious injury or grave diagnosis can instantly shatter your life. You’ve never faced anything like this before, so where do you, as a caregiver, start? What should you be prepared for? And how do you deal with everything that’s rushing at you? Learn 4 simple methods that help you keep your life and your loving relationship intact.

Man the Fixer, Woman the Nurturer—the Caregiving Gender Gap

Caregiving husbands face challenges different from caregiving wives. Learn why, and discover what couples can do to reclaim their life and their marriage.

May Is Mental Health Month: What to Do When Caregiving Threatens to Destroy Yours

Caring for a seriously ill spouse is an extremely stressful responsibility. No wonder caregivers often become angry, depressed, lonely, and confused. If caregiving is challenging your emotional well-being, here are some strategies to try.