Eight Steps for Family Caregiving - Part 4

OK, so you now understand your parent's doctors' treatment plans (Step 1) and you have acquired a certain proficiency in gathering medical information (Step 2) and non-medical information (Step 3) specific to your personal situation. The next step is pulling everything together - multiple doctor's appointments, tests, procedures, medical information, home care services, medication management, devices, and as many other services as your aging parent requires to be safe at home, wherever home is.

Eight Steps for Family Caregiving, Part 3

When we started our steps for family caregiving, we advised you to create and continually update a problem list of all the issues your family is facing. First, it's a tool for working with your parent's doctors. Your problem list is also a guide for gathering and evaluating the non-medical information you will need to help your parents stay independent, or deal with such issues as homecare, insurance, and healthcare finances.

Eight Steps for Family Caregiving, Part 1

Navigate the complex terrain of family caregiving and find practical solutions, as well as moments of joy, in caring for aging parents.

Coordinating Your Aging Parents' Needs

Find practical solutions to caring for aging parents.