Cell Phones and the Rising Tide of Noise

The U.S. government has a project to minimize human sounds bothering sea animals. But what about ME and others like me? I am assaulted by sounds made by humans every day, too.

The Enneagram as a Standard for the DSM

Elizabeth predicts the Enneagram will be a useful standard for the American Psychiatric Association to use for its broad system of personality theory. It describes both healthy and unhealthy personality traits.

Are Petraeus and Broadwell Twin Achievers?

Petraeus was reportedly around special women more alluring than Paula Broadwell for years, but perhaps when he looked at her it may have been like Narcissus looking in the pond—he may have seen himself and liked what he saw.

What I Learned About Prisons at My School Reunion

Statistics say “Lifers” are the least likely of all released prisoners to commit another crime: .06%. But even though they may be deemed suitable for release, governors often refuse to release them for political reasons.

Is the Achiever My Genes, My Upbringing, or Me?

Scientists are more convinced than ever of the importance of both genes and environment on forming personality.

The Angelic Helper and the Helper from Hell

The two sides of the Enneagram Helper personality.

How to Feel Less Frightened

How awareness of defenses help us go into and through our fears to the other side. Fear of life, fear of death, and the importance of meaning in one's life are also discussed.

Facing the Fear of Death, Part II

Part II of a description of defenses and how one person became aware of her main defense and faced her fear.

Facing the Fear of Death Part I

Conquering the fear of death requires confronting one's authentic feelings.

When Achieving Becomes a Problem

Are the results of the stress of Achieving worth it?

Polanski’s Movie "Carnage" and Personality Types: Part III (end)

Roman Polanski’s "Carnage" stars Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly, Christoph Waltz, and a cell phone.

How to Get Along With Introverts Part I

We all want to feel free to be ourselves, but relationships run more smoothly when we're aware of one another's needs and sensitivities.

Chomsky Supports Occupy Wall Street

Noam Chomsky (born in 1928) is a linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, and political activist. As the "father of modern linguistics" and a major figure of analytic philosophy, he influenced the fields of computer science, mathematics, and psychology.