Scene from Polanski'sScene from Polanski'sRoman Polanski’s Carnage stars Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly, Christoph Waltz, and a cell phone. 

Before I get to the cell phone’s Enneagram type, let me say one more thing about guest Nancy (Kate Winslet) and her Peace Seeker Enneagram type. Peace Seekers are considered body types. That is, their center is their body more than their head or heart. They like to feel physically comfortable and they tend to follow what their bodies tell them to do. So when the atmosphere at the Longstreets' gets too intense (after lots of cobbler and coffee), something shocking happens: Nancy throws up - a lot - all over Penelope’s favorite art book and Al’s suit. Al, Nancy's husband, payed by Christoph Waltz, is an Asserter.) Nancy’s body has told her she’s had enough. The two couples have stopped acting in a rational, civilized manner about their eleven year old sons’ altercation and her body has spoken for all of them.

I also have one more thing to say about Penelope (played by Jodie Foster), the idealistic Perfectionist who can’t help trying to teach the Cowans and their son a thing or two. She has a strong connection to her Romantic arrow in her love of art and her need to be special. At the end of the movie, Al compares Penelope to Jane Fonda in a sickening way and Nancy makes a sickening remark about Penelope’s and Michael’s son. (Michael is played by John C. Reilly.) The female characters have gone about as low as they can go and they both observe it’s the worst day of their lives. Losing control sucks.

The cell phone

Every time Al’s cell phone rings and he invariably answers it, the tension rises for everyone but Al. Since he’s an Asserter, they don’t dare approach him about his rudeness. They also sense it wouldn’t change anything. The role of the cell phone is that of a trickster, stirring up the unconscious. Cell phones are good at unnerving people. So while the group is trying to conduct business on a rational level, the cell phone is a thorn pricking away at what’s under the surface. Plus Penelope is not a healthy example of a Perfectionist. She’s out of balance and wants retribution, revenge, and attention for being a victim. Her feelings leak out and infect the others. The others have their own issues, naturally, and when alcohol is added, the god of carnage takes over.

The last (11th) time Al’s cell phone rings, his wife Nancy is so fed up, she throws it into the vase of tulips. Michael tries to resuscitate it with the blow drier.

The Enneagram type of the cell phone is a counter-phobic Questioner with an Adventurer wing. If the writer had chosen a human for the role, he might have picked a comedian or clown - someone who would throw a wrench into the works and run off to escape the consequences.

I’m not going to mention the last scene of the movie in this blog.

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