Obama as a 6-Questioner type

Obama as a Questioner type

We have all nine Enneagram personality types within us, though our point of view expresses mainly one of them. In 2008 when Obama was running for president I drew cartoons of him in 9 Enneagram styles. I believe he’s a 9-Peace Seeker who relies heavily on his wings, the Perfectionist and the Asserter. We’ve seen his Peace Seeker wing played out in his tendency to mediate and to include all sides when promoting a program. The cartoon above is the Questioner, the side of Obama interested in security. Peace Seekers have arrows pointing to the Questioner and the 3-Achiever.


 I included four cartoons of Obama in a Word Press blog.

All 9 cartoons are here.


Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor, was interviewed recently by Amy Goodman. “I’ve been around for a while—civil rights, Vietnam, anti-Vietnam, so on,” he told her. “I was surprised that in a matter of months the Occupy movement could claim so much attention and so effectively shape the debate around the concentration of wealth and power in this country. And that, to me, is an indication of how much can be accomplished.

 "But that’s not all… We’ve got to also get involved in electoral politics. In relatively safe Democratic districts, it’s important to put up progressives, so that the center of gravity doesn’t keep on moving to the right... It’s important to get behind a plank of specific ideas, like resurrecting Glass-Steagall, like breaking up the big banks, like making sure taxes are increased on the very wealthy and the earned income tax credit, which is basically a wage subsidy for the working poor, be expanded... Get behind six or seven major ideas we all think are critically important to the future and push them… dramatically. Get big money out of politics. I’m the national chairman, of Common Cause... It’s been doing this work for years. But if we don’t get big money out of politics, everything else we want to do is hopeless. And that is a fundamental, basic goal, reversing Citizens United. All of these things can be done.”

AMY GOODMAN: You talk about President Obama too much appeasing the Republicans.

ROBERT REICH: I think the cost of a Romney administration is so huge, even if it would generate more public outrage, that I would say, let’s all get behind Obama for a second term; let’s make sure… we have a Democratic Congress; but let’s understand that’s just the beginning of our task. We’ve got to make them move in a progressive direction. It’s just like 1936, when Franklin D. Roosevelt was running for re-election and somebody said to him, "Mr. President, if you’re re-elected, I want you to do this and this and this and this." And he said, "Ma’am, I want to do all these things, but if I am re-elected, you must make me do them." This is what Democracy Now!is all about. Democracy is a practice. It’s a living form of ongoing citizen engagement. And we cannot allow ourselves to be lulled into either complacency or cynicism.


Obama as a 3-Achiever type

Obama as the Achiever type

 * Most of this blog is from “Make A Ruckus”: Robert Reich Hails Occupy for Exposing Concentration of Wealth and Power, a Video Interview with Amy Goodman published on Democracy Now! Tuesday 8 May 2012.

* For more famous people’s Enneagram types, click on the Famous Types tab on the left at wagele.com and see my other blog.

* Romney’s type is on my Psychology Today blog of April 17

OmmObama, Obamas as 9-Peace Seekers

OmmObama, Obamas as 9-Peace Seekers



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