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Some Adventurers want lots of variety in their job. Others are most interested in social networking. Still others insist on a sense of adventure and newness each day.

No matter what your Enneagram type, however, according to Ingrid Stabb in The Career Within You, if you're looking for a new career or assessing your present career, it's likely that one of the following career needs will outweigh the others:

• the opportunity to work on your interests or passions

• the income it will provide, or

* successful affiliation with other people.

Here's an Adventurer example of each:

Affiliating and having constant variety.

The navy was an ideal career field for Jonas, partly because all jobs were limited to a two-year tour of duty. He made friends all over the world, and fulfilling his duties as an officer gave him a sense of belonging. Every year he would put in a preference card for his next assignment. What fun he had, always thinking about the next possibilities! When he would start a new job he was already thinking about the one after that. "Being a chief engineer on a cruiser was a thrill a minute. I enjoyed problem-solving for crises, such as equipment casualties and water shortages."

Working for income and developing social networks.

Parker's mother groomed her to become an artist like herself. Thought Parker was talented, she realized a career in art didn't suit her lively temperament and was not her true calling. She was interested in entrepreneurship, so she pursued an MBA, then jumped from a teen magazine to a hedge fund and six years ago became a financial advisor. Because she is paid a percentage of her clients' assets every year, the more social networking she does, the more quality clients she gains and the fewer hours she'll have to put in over time. Parker is motivated to commit for the long haul and receives the structure she needs from this plan. She expects to eventually live off the annuity stream and have more free time for her kids and other pursuits.

Following her passion and trying new things.

Antarctica represented adventure, beauty, challenge, and community to Adrienne, all in one. She was so eager to work for the science station that they created the first computer help-desk position for her, even though she knew nothing about computer networking. The search-and-rescue team took her to ride on a snowmobile over the ice, visit ice caves, watch seals, and ride in a helicopter to see orcas. In two seasons she gained enough tech support and system administrator skills to qualify her to become a project manager at a software company in the United States. This adventure suited her perfectly and launched her stimulating career in technology.

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