"Deep within you is an ocean of bliss–a oneness." - David Lynch, writer, director, producer.

Quoting from The Career Within You: "If you are the ninth career type (the Peace Seeker), you have a sense of ease about you, you see all sides of an issue, and you value harmonious relationships. You try to remain cheerful and good-natured with co-workers, families, and friends and maintain a pleasant and stable environment. You are a good team player and meld well with varied personalities, so co-workers are comfortable confiding in you with their problems and concerns-information you can draw on to gently nudge the team to cohesion."

Strengths Peace Seekers often bring to the workplace include adaptability, broad perspective, listening well, openness, patience, the capacity to repeat, empathy, the ability to mediate and to synthesize information, and teamwork skills.

Peace Seekers have needs on the job that include physical and emotional comfort, fairness, just the right amount of distractions, calm working conditions, and the sense of feeling connected.

In order to grow, they will try to face important decisions even if they're disturbing, take clear positions on issues even at the risk of angering someone, and prioritize their time rather than treating everything as equally important. These steps are necessary because their difficulties often include procrastinating, doing almost anything to avoid discord, and having a hard time showing anger or knowing when they are angry. Peace Seekers sometimes lose touch with what they really want or have trouble knowing what they want in the first place.

Famous Peace Seekers include Carl Gustav Jung, Garrison Keillor, Abraham Lincoln, Grace Kelly, Ringo Starr, Audrey Hepburn, and Jerry Garcia. President Obama is also a Peace Seeker who makes use of his wings (the types on each side of his type), the Perfectionist and the Asserter. These are guesses on my part-it's preferable for people discover their own Enneagram type. The music of Johannes Brahms also expresses the Peace Seeker style.

One Peace Seeker's Story
Nigel Thompson, an intellectual Jamaican-American, sprinkles his conversation with creative metaphors and has a delightful sense of humor. Knowledgeable about several personality systems, he gave me valuable help on "The Happy Introvert" and "The Career Within You." At the age of 16, he had been deeply interested in holistic health, personal development, and spiritual growth. He didn't know how his interests would fit into society, however, and his route to finding a career took many turns. He studied anthropology in college and learned how to speak Chinese fluently. He kept up an interest in meditation, practiced Tai Chi and other disciplines, and became interested in studying Jung and Chinese medicine. Nigel did a translation project for the Hong Kong civil service and spent a gratifying year teaching piano to children in a school in China. Then he received an M. A. from Columbia in counseling psychology, and recently received a PhD in psychology from Yeshiva University in New York City. Now he's applying for employment in Hong Kong, where he lives with his wife and two young children. I have listed only a small amount of Nigel's interests and activities since he was 16 years old. He has synthesized a broad range of information about psychology, meditation techniques, mind/body knowledge, the arts, and philosophy, which have added to his training and skill as a therapist.

Read about "Peace Seekers as Children" on my WordPress blog of May 25, 2010. http://ewagele.wordpress.com/

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