Drawing from “Finding the Birthday Cake” by Elizabeth Wagele

I have some dreams for the Enneagram: one is that it help racial integration and the other is that it be used to promote peace in places like the Middle East and Africa. I envision classes in schools of mixed races where children and/or teenagers discuss their Enneagram types. They will soon find out what they have in common that matters: their personality types and what that means to them. Differences that drive people apart, such as skin color, religion, and nationalism, will shrink in importance.

 If Palestinian and Israeli children get to know each other on a deep level they will not want harm to come to one another. The Enneagram enables people to share important, meaningful things about their lives. It has already been used in Israel for the purpose of peace on a small scale. I can envision it being used on a large scale in situations where wars are taking place. It helps prevent people from demonizing each other since heart to heart personal communication is an essential step toward making peace and preventing war.

In 1994 I co-wrote the introductory book, "The Enneagram Made Easy," using my cartoons to help make it accessible. It wasn't the first book about the Enneagram but it was the first for a general audience and it has been translated into many languages. As I gave talks for my second book, "Are You My Type, Am I Yours?" Some people who showed up were clutching "The Enneagram Made Easy" and told me they took it everywhere they went. I appreciate the wisdom of the Enneagram and use it in my life every day. Before I found out about this system, I would watch what was going on around me feeling detached and isolated. I felt comforted to learn that the Enneagram "knew" about my type, the Observer. The nine Enneagram personalities cover the whole range of human behavior so besides being helpful for self-growth, it is useful for parenting, teaching, relationships, helping businesses run smoothly, career management, and for writers to understand characters.

As we think of peace, we need to also question some of our cultural values, such as dominance, imperialism, and the belief that happiness comes from consumption, which leads to depleting the planet of resources like forests and pure water.

This entry is Part II of "Peace from the Inside Out" and is subtitled, "How The Enneagram Benefits Tolerance." Part I can be found at http://ewagele.wordpress.com/ It explains how our concept of "us vs. them" weakens as we study the Enneagram system; the more we understand the nine world-views the more we realize they are universal. Part I also details each type's strengths that can best contribute to peace.

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