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Finding Their Way Home: Posttraumatic Growth in Veterans

The same skills forged in battle can be leveraged to thrive at home.
Bret Moore

Post-Traumatic Growth and Personal Strength

Growth follows trauma for many.

Anger: Not All Bad?

Similar to SUVs, canned cheese spread, and guys who ask to split the check on the first date, anger has gotten a bad rap.

Helping Professions for Veterans

Psychology Careers for Veterans

Keep Your Body Tuned Up

Your body is a complicated machine, too

'Misremembering' Is All Too Human and All Too Common

When do you cross the line between forgetting and lying?

Guided Imagery can Relieve Anxiety

Guided imagery can help people struggling with anxiety

Hopeful Research for Stopping Suicides

Promising suicide research in military

Horses Bring Healing to Wounded Warriors

Horses make sense for soldiers/

5 Questions to Ask Your Therapist

Psychotherapy is typically a one-way street when it comes to asking questions. It doesn't have to be. Here are 5 questions to ask your potential new therapist.

PTSD: Disorder or Injury?

A little known semantic battle that has garnered considerable attention of late is the issue of changing the term "Post-traumatic Stress Disorder" to "Post-traumatic Stress". The opposing forces are both powerful and convincing in their own rights.

Simple and Effective Steps for Relieving Daily Stress

Life is stressful. When not hurrying off to work or school, you're trying to cram in myriad other responsibilities like grocery shopping, taking the kids to the dentist, or making it on time for the soccer game. And on the good days when you can squeeze in thirty minutes of exercise, you can't relax because you keep checking the clock to see if you're going to be late.

The Different Shades of Anxiety

Anxiety is as much a part of the American culture as cable TV, fast food and overpriced sneakers. It is woven so deeply into our collective psyche that we spend billions of dollars each year on therapists, medications and self-help books to rid ourselves of it.

The Psychological Fault Lines of Decision Making in War

The hardest decision a political leader faces may be whether to send men and women into combat.

War's Trauma May Lead to Improved Quality of Life

Growth is possible after combat trauma

Keys to Resilience

What characteristics and traits make a person psychologically resilient?

Prepare for Civilian Life

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down and the Pentagon begins to carry out its plans to reduce the size of the military, tens of thousands of service members will leave active duty over the next few years.

Troops, Vets, and Loved Ones Chime In About Suicide

I asked troops, veterans, retirees, and loved ones to chime in about what can be done to fix the suicide problem our military is facing. I received a number of thoughtful answers.

Helping Children Cope with a Parent’s PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is more than just a disorder of the individual. In many cases, it causes considerable disruption in the family—particularly for children.

Former Army Psychologist on Mass Murder in Afghanistan

The horrific and surreal rampage allegedly committed in Kandahar by Sergeant Robert Bales resulted in the deaths of 16 Afghan civilians. We all desperately wanted answers for how such a terrible thing could have happened. But the real answers are unlikely to be very satisfying.
Is There a Military Personality?

Is There a Military Personality?

Do the personality traits and characteristics of service members differ greatly from the average citizen?