Oh, Brave New World That Has Such Medics In It!

Healthcare. We love it. We hate it. Could we please just talk sensibly about it?

Of shrinking brains and modern anxieties

Less serious fears, but more of them?

The Truth About Islamic State We Don't Want to Hear Part 2

The way to stop violent people is not to be unthinkingly violent back.

The Truth About Islamic State We Don't Want to Hear Part 1

Islamic State is horrible. But calling it a cancer won't help.

Junk Food, Kids, TV

Why do so many kids eat so much junk food?

Do You Have IDS?

IDS, or Irritating Doggerel Syndrome, is common, yet few people have ever heard of it.

…In Which I Fail to Break a Habit

Could you live without internet access?

Passion? Commitment? High Drama? No Thanks

Excitement is hailed as a good thing. But is it?

Work, What a Silly Idea

The way we organize work needs reorganizing.

The Brokeback Effect: Homophobia and Premature Mortality

If you live among people who despise you, you'll not just suffer more, you may die younger.

Forgotten Sins: of Fashion, Beauty, and Morality

Changing times, changing morals.

In Praise of Coming Second

We can't all be winners, and should we want to be?

Knowing Music

Music reaches deep into our brains

Revolutionary! Controversial! What Media Science Talk Means

Like science itself, mainstream media reporting of scientific findings can be confusing, not least because ordinary words are given specialised meanings. To help the perplexed, here’s a light-hearted gloss of some of the commonest terms used by media folk to talk about science and scientists.

A Modest Proposal For the Science Media

How science is reported in the media has often been criticised. Here's a simple proposal for reform.

What Are Academics For?

Why does society need academics?

Two Myths, One Method: The Yin-Yang of Science

It's about the data, but it's also about how you react to the data.

Cruelty: An Ancient Curse in a Modern World

Brain science can help us stop cruelty. And a week where reports of terrorist bombs, child sex abuse, and cannibalism in the Syrian conflict made headlines, there is still plenty of cruelty to stop.

Why Good Writing Matters

Writing well is important.

Talking About the Brain, Made Simple

Can you explain hard science easily?

Into the Brave New World ... of Video

Today I'm trying a new experiment.

Women in Science: Leading from the Top

At the summits of science, women still have a mountain to climb.

What Is the Brain Supremacy?

There's a transformation coming ...