Attention Regulates Emotion: Focus and Self-Control

Our mind deploys self-awareness to keep everything we do on track.

Three Ways to Overcome Tech Brain Capture

As Yoda says, “Your focus is your reality.” Let’s take charge of it.

How Focus Changed My Thinking About Emotional Intelligence

Children who learn how to focus also enhance their emotional intelligence. What I had not realized until now was how essential the basic skills of attention—focus—are in building these skills.

The Four Basic Moves to Strengthen Focus

Focus is the hidden ingredient in excellence—“hidden” because we typically don’t notice it. But lacking focus we are more likely to falter at whatever we do. Fortunately there are four basic moves in the mind’s workout to enhance focused attention.

It’s Modes, Not Personality Traits

The old personality model, that we have fixed traits that stay with us throughout our lives, doesn’t do justice to how flexible our behavior can be.

The Sweet Spot for Achievement

What's the relationship between stress and performance?

De-Stress: How to Handle the Holidays

Chronic stress can ruin our health and make us a nervous wreck. But there's good news: you can teach your body to handle life's stresses much better. All it takes is setting aside a few minutes a day.

Are You Too Shy to Lead?

Daniel Goleman offers steps to develop key leadership abilities - including ways to boost self-confidence.
New Insights on the Creative Brain

New Insights on the Creative Brain

Creative ideas are like a fragile bud—they've got to be nurtured so they can blossom.

Retrain your stressed-out brain

Tumultuous economy aside, organizational life is rife with toxic moments - impossible directives from headquarters, unreasonable bosses, abrasive workmates, and so on. How can we manage such constant workplace stress?

Picking the Right Brain State for the Job

The brain is like an instrument we can tune for the job at hand. Our emotions are the keyboard we play in tuning our brains.