A Solution to Stopping Sexual Harassment

I’ve worked as a consultant at a corporation where the head of the company ran his hands through my hair and laughed when I yelled at him to never do that again.

10 Best Tech Devices to Prevent Rape

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center has estimated that one in five women will be raped at some time in their lives. This is terrifying statistic that should have women ...

Small Bits of Bravery to Accomplish Anything

Bravery comes in many forms. What if you can do one brave act a day, no matter how small to build your bravery?

Kim Kardashian’s Style of Self Esteem Is Bad for Girls

Kim Kardashian is someone who is enraptured with her body. She appears to do nothing else except snap incessant selfies then post them to social media.

Not Speaking Up Can Be Shocking

As a student attending Palo Alto High School I was intrigued by experiments. So I hired myself out to any experiment, focus group or survey that would have me.
Photograph by Kesara Rathnayake used with permission

3 Ways to Turn Jealousy Into Motivation and Self-Acceptance

For some people — including me — studying Aikido (The Japanese Martial Art, called The Way of Harmony that works as a way to polish the spirit, to turn lead into gold) is a slow, awkward, and arduous process.

Don’t Fake it Until You Make It: 7 Zen Habits

Re-imagine the way you want to be with real practices and mental focus with these 7 Habits to Create Real Change Using Aikido & Martial Arts Principles:

Epidemic Impacts Hormones, Muffin Top, Cognitive Function

Loneliness effects your well-being more than you think it does. Wondering just how detrimental it is to your success and curious how to conquer it easily?

Anxiety Alert! Speech: Five Ways to Quell the Quease

Are you sick of speaking with fear and want to begin making it fun for both you and your audience? This article is a must-read!

The Gut-Wrenching Emotions That Come With Being A Beginner

Being a beginner can be painful for a very long time-especially when striving for excellence, and still being horrifyingly bad.

The One Must-Have Skill You Need to Get Respect Like Beyoncé

Media-savvy celebs like Beyoncè demand attention and know that calculated brevity is key. How do us mere mortals achieve such stature? Read on and learn how to command attention and make the crowd go silent when you enter a room.

How to Say No: To Save Your Sanity and Soul

Have you ever said yes to someone, and then instantly regretted it? You felt like when you gave away that "yes" it stripped away a part of your soul that you could never recover again? I may sound a tad soap opera-ish, but some "yes's" do have serious, enduring consequences.

Ways to Be a Thought Leader

To be called a thought leader was once rare. Thought leaders had a coveted status. But the term thought leader has become a common moniker — too common. It seems that everyone is touting himself as the next thought leader. But most aren’t.

Job Interviewing Skills: Chomping, Chatting, Dissing Not Allowed

Want to avoid the most common interview mistakes and get the job?

James Bond Brand Shaken

James Bond and beer? Bad move Bond. James Bond drinking beer is a fall from grace as the sophisticated spy we know and love for his elegance and glam.

Pinned: Pinterest Porn

I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that naked pics have found their way into a space dominated by domestic bliss, weddings, flowers, food, crafts, and style.

Social Networking For People Who Hate Small Talk

I don't want to know when you're going to sleep or take a leak. I don't want to hear about your baby's poop habits, or the tiff with the neighbor. Give me nourishment, not trivia.

Little Goals Big Results: The Art of Small

Many people want it all now. Not me. I want a slow drip so I can acclimate. I need time to adjust to any changes. I'd probably drop dead if I won the lottery. If I were suddenly super sleek and thin I wouldn't know who I was. I wouldn't recognize myself. Who is that person in the mirror with all those bones sticking out?

Mindfulness Through Aikido & Tea Ceremony

When Sachiko Knappman conducted her first Japanese tea ceremony she prepared tea for herself when she was ready to serve it. After much training, she realized that the person she was preparing it for had to be ready to receive the tea. This took observation, timing, sensitivity and grace -- which she learned later.

Mind Body Meltdown—Aikido Test Nerves

I'm a verbal person and Aikido is virtually a silent art minus the chant or kiais (relaxed and powerful exhalation that coordinates breath with ki or energy during strikes or throws). I'm used to talking when I'm nervous so I can dissipate the excess energy and get to a place of calm. There isn't an opportunity for this in Aikido. Your body does the talking. Period.

Stiletto Spy School: Discovering Your Inner Bond Girl

Just when I've eschewed my Jimmy Choo's I read about Stiletto Spy School for Women. http://www.stilettospyschool.com/ Power has always been sexy -- for men. But when a woman is called powerful it's often code for Bitch. When you combine sexy with power you get the potent combustion of a femme fatale, a woman who is feared and desired. Men may even relish being controlled by her while conspiring to take her down. Think Angelina Jolie in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith and the current film Salt. Of course, unlike most of us, Angelina Jolie, is sexy in sneakers.

Charm School for Men: Change Your Beliefs Change Your Body

Women, would you like to send the men you meet trying to find Mr. Right to charm school? What if those men learned how to really look into your eyes, listen, and care -- all with confidence, not some fake bravado? This is not some impossible miracle. You may be meeting a man near you who is skilled in the art of seduction, love, conversation and who can possibly even make the bed.

Forget About Your Body, Focus on Funny

 Forget about being beautiful. Be funny.  When you can take the focus off yourself you can express your talents and connect with people as the maverick Isabella Rossellini shows us in her films called green por.no about the sex lives of insects.

Stop Fighting! Relationship Repair Without Speaking

Sometimes your lover acts like your worst enemy. During a fight this person you love, whom you thought you knew, turns into an alien from another planet. You see their typically mild-mannered self transform into someone you’d want to commit to an insane asylum.

Serving Size Lies: A big bag of chips?

I hate serving size lies. Food manufacturers may think that their suggestions are sensible. Perhaps they are... for people who nibble, taste or sample. But these guidelines don't make sense for people who actually eat.

Plastic Surgery: Sculpting the body sculpting the mind

My house is spanking clean today. My Brazilian cleaners are as fastidious about creating a meticulous house as they are about creating a perfectly sculpted body. First "Julia" got her nose done. For months every time she cleaned she complained to me that her nose was too fat and round. She wanted a leaner line. So she set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon specializing in noses.

Reclaiming Feminine Values in the Workplace

Women often believe that they must act like men to succeed. They scramble up the corporate ladder by copying traditional male behavior. Although it sometimes buys them temporary "success", most of the time, on a deeper level, it doesn't work. They frequently find themselves dissatisfied, restless, and ultimately unfulfilled.

Men Suffer When Women Hate Their Bodies

Men often bear the biggest brunt of women's negative body image (NBO).  If she is suffering, he is too.