The Motherhood Safety Net

Expanding mental health screening for maternal mental health

Motherhood Mindset

Are you suffering from a bad case of "preoccupied mommy brain?" You have all the tools that you need to live more completely in the present moment. Connecting with your breath and grounding yourself in some Mindful Parenting techniques can help anchor you and your baby in the moment.

How to Emotionally Prepare for Motherhood

Curious about the emotional changes that ensue during motherhood and how best to prepare yourself for parenthood? Ask yourself these two questions, and your answers may illuminate your own experiences with your mother, and how these experiences may inform your mothering.

Maternal Fantasies

Did you fantasize motherhood would "be" a certain way only to feel surprised when your dreams did not match reality? Maternal fantasies are a healthy and common way of attempting to "see" into our future selves as mothers. Yet when these dreams are not concurrent with our actual experiences, we may feel disappointed and confused.