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The Fragility of Love

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The Rich and Famous and Desperately Silent

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Lost in the Wilds of Mania

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Political Correctness Be Damned!

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The Wicked Wiles of Hypomania

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Doctor Shock

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Manic Irritability: the New Normal

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The Virtues of Being Rude

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The Pope Francis Effect: I Want to Be Better

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Try Yelling in Depression's Face

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Banish Stigma Forever!

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The Special Gift of Bipolar Eyes

Art keeps me alive.

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When Your Mind Won't Let Your Body Move

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Feeling Guilty for Feeling Good

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On Nothing Less Than the Meaning of Life

There is a Point to This Mad Scramble, After All

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It's All About Me (and My Illness)

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You—Yes, You—Can Save a Life

Surprise someone with kindness, and you may rewrite a life.

For Robin Williams: The Honorary Bipolar Award

The invaluable life lessons Robin Williams taught me

When the Mirror Attacks

Body dysmorphic disorder is a disturbing mental illness which makes even minor imperfections feel like deformities.