D.A.A.D. Dilemma

Anger can lead to self-destruction, but there are ways to control the tendency.

Carlotta Returns

Carlotta Pizzotta returns to celebrate life and art

I am a Suicide Survivor

Suicide is the short term solution to a long term issue. Anyone who thinks about killing themselves needs to step back and see as best they can the long view


Irritate Bowel Syndrome has no known cause, but stress is a major factor. IBBBSS, Irritate Bariatric Bipolar Bowel Suicide Syndrome is a way of looking at what causes and what can be done about IBS.
Bye, Bye, Blackbird

Bye, Bye, Blackbird

There are people and places we associate with hurt. This is a story about confronting that hurt.
The New Yorker Magazine

Depression Day, June 6, 2014

Depression Day is a consequence of anger and frustration. It gives one a very negative view that life is meaningless and absurd. Yet if you are aware of the black hole of depression, you can rise above it.
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Love and Isolation

Veterans commit Suicide daily. Mentally ill people feel alone and isolated. They inhabit a world without love.

The Final Breath

I have small airways disease due to years of smoking and I am bipolar. The medicines prescribed to open the small airways so breathing is easier cause a relapse into severe bipolar disorder. I had to stop the drugs, which means I may not have long to live.

The Living Room at Turning Point, Skokie, Illinois

The Living Room at Turning Point creates a compassionate place for mental health emergencies and saves the state of Illinois money at the same time.

Military Serial Killer Is Not The Only One Guilty

April 22, 2013 Sergeant John Russell was convicted of serial mass murder. In my opinion, he is not the only one guilty. His Army psychiatrist should be tried for his role in not preventing this tragedy.

The New Lepers Are Out To Gun You Down

Mental Illness and Gun Violence have been conjoined by events like Sandy Hook, and the shooting of Gabriel Giffords in Phoenix. The NRA and politicians are proposing that the mentally ill be subjected to background checks. This is further stigmatization of those with mental illness whom John Nash, a schizophrenic Nobel Laureate, described as the new lepers

Anyone Can Go Psycho

Not only the diagnosed mentally ill can go psycho, but normal people can too. Norman Bates resides in every person, he is just waiting for the right circumstances to show his evil face.


Can you stretch your definitions of suicide to think of it as a political action? If all self-murder has a societal and economic impact even if we look at it in the aggregate, does that not make it a political statement?

OF TWO MINDS, The Conversation Starter

The film of TWO MINDS is a great conversation starter. It opens up a new perspective on Bipolar Disorder that is free of psychoanalytic jargon and medical pronouncements. It focuses on the people with the disorder as human beings not altogether unlike anybody else.

The Pain in My Brain

I didn't think I had migraines then I looked at my own experience.

“OF TWO MINDS” premiered at the Cleveland Film Festival

I who am featured in the documentary film "OF TWO MINDS" write a two minded review of the film.

Laura's Law and Kendra's Law Bandages and Bondage

Laura's law in California, Kendra's law in New York, and laws like them in other states are promoted as a solution in saving the lives of the resistant mentally ill.

The Emotional Anxiety of Prison Visitation

The California Mens Colony is not a friendly place to visit and the peace officers want it that way.

Chinky, The Chinaman

Racial and Ethnic Slurs can diminish people, when the slurred are personally empowered the slur had no power. The person who uses the slur is the one whose humanity is diminished

Mad Sisyphus: New Thoughts on an Old Book

The myth of Sisyphus is a good metaphor of bipolar disorder. The disorder is our rock and we carry it for every up the hill of life, only to have it tumble down when we think we have reached the crest and can pitch the disorder over and be dune with it

Crazy making dyslexia

Is their a relationship between mental illness and dyslexia. The author explores how dyslexia relates to his own bipolar disorder. The dyslexia creates disabilities that cause extreme anxiety, frustration, and mood disorder that the author believes create the conditions for mental illness

Let me kill you, I'm mentally ill

Just because I am mentally ill doesn't mean I want to kill you. More likely I would want to kill myself.

Magic Mental Meds Make Me Mad

 The confusion surrounding mental medication can drive you mad. There is too much information and too little information that can be relied upon. Even the names are confusing. Do you know what aripiprazole is?

Cross-dressing, Sex, and Bipolar Disorder

Hypersexuality is not talked about a lot in regards to Bipolar Disorder. May be because the subject is difficult. I believe that extreme sexual behavior is more common than is indentified with the illness. May we don't discuss it openly because hypersexual behavior is often hidden, often forbidden, and risky.