Finding the Individual In Aggregated Study Data

Story after story was shared in which music had changed people's lives in meaningful ways, helping people not just to survive but to live.

The Appeal of Unequally Distributed Tax Cuts

Do people want less, if it means other people don't get more? How do studies testing this potentially relate to the support (or lack of support) for Trump's new tax cuts?

Do You See What I See?

Do our goals and motivations influence what we see?

What Counts as Sex?

What counts as sex is shaped by our own sexual preferences.

It Won't Take Long

Do those in power estimate the time things will take to be completed more than those not in power?

Does Power Impact How We Perceive Emotion?

Power plays a role in how effectively we recognize emotion in others.

Manliness and Mental Health

The need to appear masculine impacts men's mental health.

Black Hearts and Punishing Prostitutes

What do playing cards with red spades and black hearts have to do with your desire to punish people or to defend your political views?

Death Isn't as Awful as We Imagine

When death comes, will it be as bad as we think?

On Interpreting Islamic Terror

We tend to see outgroup members as all alike to each other. But this simply isn't the case.

Why We (Often) Believe Fake News

Fake news has a strong appeal. Why do we fall for it?

Wanting Less, So Long As Others Don't Get More

If others get more, would we prefer to get nothing?

What We Think About Attractive Women and Men

When it comes to being hired, is there a "dark-side" to being attractive?

A Gentleman and a Scholar: Robert Kastenbaum

The phrase "gentleman and scholar" could've been coined to describe Robert Kastenbaum. In his death, reflected through his life, we have much to learn from this man.

Supernaturally Better than You

Is religion associated with thinking you are better than others?

Trump's Appeal to White, Christian America

Can nueroscience research provide clues into the support of Donald Trump among White, religious people in America?

Is Sexual Objectification Automatic?

Sexual objectification may help preserve self-control.

How Frequent Is Sexual Objectification?

New research tests the frequency of unwanted sexual gazing.

Bias About Bias

Are we biased about our own bias?

A Human Side of Brexit

I can understand the causes, intellectually, but as a living, breathing person, I will never be able to comprehend fully why a person is favored purely due to where they were born.

How Homosexual Attraction Can Lead to Violence Against Gays

If Mateen was perhaps more accepting of his own homosexual desires, perhaps none of this would've happened.

Haters Gonna Hate

How self esteem and stereotyping are linked

The Emphatic Appeal of Being in a Group

We form social groups almost automatically, but there is a dark side to this zest for social connection.

Why You Sometimes Need to Hear Sad Music

There is a place for sadness in a meaningful, happy life

Does War Support Increase When Costs Are High?

Innocent people being killed in conflict can have a rather unexpected impact on war support.

Carrie Fisher: Is She Aging Well?

Carrie Fisher has become a source of media focus, but for all the wrong reasons.

Who Wants the End of the World?

Who is drawn to believing in the end of the world?

Does the Meat-Animal Suffering Link Impact Views of Animals?

How do people resolve not wanting to harm animals, but enjoying meat?

Does Uncertainty Breed Prejudice?

How does the quest for certainty impact prejudice towards people who do not belong to our social groups?

Replication Crisis?

Psychology studies are finding difficult to replicate. Is it time to panic, or due we just need greater appreciation for the complexity of human psychology?