Haters Gonna Hate

How self esteem and stereotyping are linked

The Emphatic Appeal of Being in a Group

We form social groups almost automatically, but there is a dark side to this zest for social connection.

Why You Sometimes Need to Hear Sad Music

There is a place for sadness in a meaningful, happy life

Does War Support Increase When Costs Are High?

Innocent people being killed in conflict can have a rather unexpected impact on war support.

Carrie Fisher: Is She Aging Well?

Carrie Fisher has become a source of media focus, but for all the wrong reasons.

Who Wants the End of the World?

Who is drawn to believing in the end of the world?

Does the Meat-Animal Suffering Link Impact Views of Animals?

How do people resolve not wanting to harm animals, but enjoying meat?

Does Uncertainty Breed Prejudice?

How does the quest for certainty impact prejudice towards people who do not belong to our social groups?

Replication Crisis?

Psychology studies are finding difficult to replicate. Is it time to panic, or due we just need greater appreciation for the complexity of human psychology?

Paying it Forward

Imagine someone does something nice for you. You then see someone else that needs help. Are you more likely to help that person? What if you were mistreated by someone, are you more likely to then mistreat a person unrelated to the situation?

Wanting to Feel Good, Familiar or Useful?

But what about familar emotions? Do people like, and seek out, familiar emotions more than unfamilar ones? Or, do people merely seek out emotions that feel good?

Facebook Rainbows

Rainbow colored Facebook images could help in some way to alter views towards homosexuality. At the very least, it shows support for a group of individuals who have been marginalized and made to feel less than for far too long. And I can imagine that that - even in such a small gesture as a colored profile pic- feels incredible.

The Body as (Part of) Protest

This entry explores the possible pros and cons of Brittany Mason's YouTube video, in which she protests the recent passing of the Religious Freedom Act in Indiana.

The Eyes Reveal our Sexual Orientation

Can the eyes reveal sexual arousal?

Hope Floats

Must death leave us feeling hopelessly mortal?

Authenticity, Self-Esteem and Time Perspective

Does happiness exist in the absence of authenticity?

The Good Old Days Made Me Grow

Does nostalgia promote meaning in life and personal growth?

Supernaturally Better than You

Is religion associated with thinking you are better than others?

On Wanting More Beauty

Can beauty be changed? How does this belief impact how happy we are with our own physical appearance?

Real News or Parody?

A list of "fake news" websites to help determine the real from the intentionally humorous.

Vaccinate your Children

Getting your children vaccinated is the loving, responsible choice for your child.

Proving It

Do high levels of testosterone protect men from some causes of stress and anxiety?

Humans Caused Climate Change, Scientists Agree

The history of the world doesn't often hinge on something. But it just might here. Is there scientific consensus when it comes to global warming?

The Bite Heard Round the World

Why is Luis Suarez's behavior so shocking?

Thinking Fast, Feeling Good

How quickly we think influences how we feel.

When Worrying Works

Does worrying always hurt us?

Exploring Belief in God as a Punisher

We all experience things in life that we perceive as unfair. But how do religious beliefs influence our desire to punish those who have harmed us?

When Sexually Objectifying Imagery Backfires

When do sexualized images have a negative effect on "selling" causes and products?

5 Reasons Why Meditation is Awesome

Here are 5 reasons why meditation is awesome!

Suicide Rates Over the Holidays

Is the popular belief that the holiday season is associated with more suicides accurate?