EDM and Well-Being: What is EDM?

Whenever EDM is brought up in the media it seems to be the negative aspects of it...and most of that has to do with the drugs that often go hand in hand with EDM events. In no way do I want to shy away from that aspect of the EDM culture, to do so would be foolhardy. I simply want to shine some light on the other side of EDM culture.

EDM and Well-Being: What is Well-Being?

Well-being is NOT simply the absence of illness. That would be like saying that I am healthy simply because I DON'T have cancer. That isn't the case.

Electronic Dance Music and Well-Being

There has been a plethora of research done on Music and Human Well-Being, but little of it has focused specifically on EDM. Over the next year I will be focusing my efforts on exploring the question of EDM and Human Well Being; What effects does it have? What is the experience of the concert go-er? The DJ? The promoter?
It's the End of the World as We Know It...and I Feel Fine

It's the End of the World as We Know It...and I Feel Fine

I do believe that what the Mayans may have been predicting is a shift in the general consciousness. Along the lines of the end of slavery in America and apartheid in South Africa, this change will represent a tipping point in societal beliefs or values. We have begun to see hints of this change coming for a while...

Mental Illness and the Family

When he would be questioned about why he would have these outbursts he couldn’t explain why… people assumed he was being difficult, but the truth was that he himself didn’t know why. It wasn’t until we were much older that we finally had our answer. Borderline Personality Disorder

Work vs. Home: Are You Living in Two Cultures?

Have you ever felt like the people surrounding you just don’t understand you or your experiences? Do everyday activities seem trivial? Or do you feel as though you are trapped in a weird bubble…where you want to interact with the people around you, but there is something in the way? Have you ever experienced these feelings after returning home from work?

Other People Matter

Christopher Peterson embodied his belief that ‘Other people matter’. You could see it in his interactions with his students, his colleagues, his friends, and yes even nicely shod stranger. He talked the talk—but unlike so many of us, he also walked the walk.

Don't Call Me Baby!

The issue of women’s rights has once again been thrust into the mainstream in the North American media because of the absurd comments made by Republican Senatorial Candidate Todd Akin....One person’s individual sexist beliefs won’t affect how women are viewed and treated in our society, even if that person is running for a political office. Or will they?

Lessons in Vulnerability: The Toothbrush Dilemma

You wouldn’t think a toothbrush would be the cause for such a grand public inquiry, but to me this toothbrush became a symbol of my own vulnerability. For me it wasn’t really the toothbrush—it was what the act of leaving a toothbrush meant.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Music ties us to the best vision of our future. It allows us to listen, to understand, and to be moved. Music can act as an emotional release. It doesn’t just tell the story of the best version of ourselves...it pulls us there.

To Be or Not To Be... A "Slut" That Is

Perhaps I have had the wrong role models in my life. Apparently I have been looking up to what Rush Limbaugh would call massive sluts... How am I going to tell my parents that instead of the woman they thought they had raised... I have become a slut?

Let's Talk About Sex

To listen to Rick Santorum’s version of what would happen if Americans were granted affordable access to contraception you would think that America would become some seedy sex-den previously only available in the red-light district of Amsterdam or an obscure Korean horror movie.

Am I worthy? Lesson 1 in Vulnerability

When you finally allow people to see who you are they may reject you and you can't protect your ego by saying that they didn't really know you. That thought alone terrifies me.

Impatience and Unhappiness

We've all heard that terrible old cliché 'Patience is a virtue'. I, for one, learned to hate patience at an early age. Patience to me was like having to eat all of your broccoli before you could have your dessert.

Lest We Forget

Five years ago I was self-righteous and ill-informed. I would loudly criticize the war (it didn't matter what war...they were all the same to me), and I would question the reason why anyone would choose to join the military. I was always polite about it, so as not to cross any 'politically-correct' line...
The Mystery of the Veil

The Mystery of the Veil

We must stand beside women that are struggling against oppression and offer them support and a hand up… not a fine and ‘reeducation classes’. We can do better than this for women. We MUST do better than this for us all.

An African Like Me?

It is that final sentence that really struck me "All I had heard about them is how poor they were, so that it had become impossible for me to see them as anything else but poor". It was that realization that was so hard to come to grips with while I was living in South Africa.

What Is the 'Secret' to Happiness?

There is wisdom in youth, and in his own celebration this little boy shows us what the true 'secret' to happiness is.

This Is Me

It's scary to be yourself. It is absolutely terrifying. You definitely risk big when you decided to put your true self out there on display. The good news is that the payoffs are worth all the risk.

Unity, Perseverance, and Freedom

One of the caveats to freedom is that it comes with great responsibility. Nelson Mandela spoke of that responsibility. We are free, and it is our responsibility to live in a way that enhances the freedom of others. If we don't I am left to ask...are WE ready for freedom?  

Are you a Slacktivist?

The responses that I received from a Thundercat, Sebastian (from the little mermaid), and Daffy Duck, all indicated that they felt they were part of an awareness raising campaign.

Waiting for Happiness

Everyday I hear people tell me about how they would be happy ‘if'...If they win the lottery, if they find the lover or partner of their dreams, if the moon was 3 degrees further to the left each evening.Why do we all seem to be waiting for happiness? 

Hit Me With Music

To listen to and understand a cultures music is to understand the soul of a culture. There is little argument that music is a source of comfort, joy and inspiration in most people's lives. It is rare to come across anyone that HATES music. While there may be a huge debate about what constitutes ‘good' music, the truth is that music is unique in its universality.