Assisted Abstinence

In the burgeoning field of medically assisted detox, there is a train of thought that says the only thing an addict needs is a physical head start against withdrawal -- but how do we address what happens in the addict's mind itself?

Just Sign on the Dotted Line

Proponents for the legalization of marijuana are tenacious in their fight, inserting themselves into the American landscape from petitioners in front of supermarkets to lobbyists on Capitol Hill. But no one is asking what their agenda is. Is it because they have no agenda? Is it really just a mad race to get the country high?

Insanity Pain

Sometimes our sense of grief and loss over a failed relationship far outweighs the depth of the relationship. Why does rejection in these new relationships hurt so bad and what can we do to face this pain realistically? Pulling up your bootstraps is only part of the equation; sometimes the real work is in looking at ourselves instead.

5 Steps for Getting Through Any Difficult Situation

You're made of heartier stock than you've ever imagined; you just need to tap into that strength -- that power -- and begin the process of building a new life, one where you are the wholly responsible for what happens to you. I've compiled five vital points for you to remember and use as you sift through the rubble of your own "lifequake" and begin the next chapter of life

3 Things I Loved About the Worst Day of My Life

I realized that I have the power to own my life and my experience and make them truly mine, which freed me from victimhood and the bondage of the things I thought I needed in order to survive.

Three Tips For Parenting an Addict

There is a line between caring for a child with an addiction and aiding in their destruction. The truth is, sometimes the best way to show that you care for the addict is to establish and maintain strong boundaries. In many instances, these boundaries represent the addict's best chance for survival. Here are tips for parenting an addict.

Intervention Step by Step

If you are reading this and someone you care about is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, my heart truly goes out to you. No one wants to be the bad guy, and no one wants to point at the elephant in the room. Here are some steps will help to guide you through the intervention process.

A Thousand Points of Light

And, just like that, the nation's attention was brought right back around to the crisis that is devastating our communities. It is astonishing to me that people still view heroin abuse and drug addiction as a "Hollywood Problem", and that—despite the overwhelming data—everyone still refuses to believe that overdoses are occurring daily in our own backyards.

Primum Nil Nocere

Alcoholics are nothing like normal people. As a matter of fact, this desperate attempt to BE like normal people has led many an alcoholic to an early grave.

Hell for the Holidays

Our families, more often than not, aren't the monsters we make them out to be, and home is rarely just the place away from which all roads lead. They are, instead, funhouse-mirror representations of who we really are, because it was direct and constant contact with these people that made us who we are.

12 Spiritual Principles to Live By

Life is hard. It doesn't matter if you're living in a huge mansion or standing in line at a soup kitchen, the truth of the matter is, not many of us are given the tools while growing up to cope with the many stressors in our lives. Here are 12 universal truths that anyone can apply that will literally change how you feel about yourself and the world around you.

The Disease of More

Less is more. Less stuff is more. Less shame is more, too. You can be free of these attachments and feel lighter, freer, and ready to step forward into self-fulfillment.

How to Tell if Your Child has a Problem with Addiction

Today, in America, there is no question that, if you have a child in High School, your child will be exposed to drugs. And, although many parents have no problem navigating the treacherous waters of The Sex Talk, most of us cringe when it comes to talking to our kids about drugs. Let's just take a look at the signs your child or loved one is flirting with danger . . .

The Emotional Iceberg

Emotional recovery is a key component in stabilizing the newly clean or newly sober individual.

Nature vs. Nurture

Can a person be hard-wired for alcoholism or addiction? If so is it more nature or nurture that exacerbates it?

Alien Race

When it comes to the problem of drugs and alcohol, the only time that the media takes notice is when a celebrity either ends up in jail, or dies due to drugs and alcohol. Celebrities mirror what is happening in our society and culture as a whole, they mirror what is happening in every large city and small town in our nation.