A Single Question Can Boost Your Chance of Getting a Date

Have you ever wanted to ask out someone you know, or get a date with an attractive stranger? In either case, you can increase your chances of getting a "yes" by first asking a simple question, or making a small request. Find out what the research has to say here...

Nice Guys or Bad Boys: What Do Women Want?

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The Surprising Power of Women in High Heels

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What Message Do Your Gifts Send?

Are you confused about what to get for that special someone in your life during Christmas, the holidays, and special occasions? Do you worry about making the right impression with your present to a date, lover, or spouse? Science can help you decide when and how gift giving can add a boost to your relationship. Read on to find out more.

Which Halloween Costumes are Sexy and Attractive?

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The Science of Pick-Up Lines

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How and Where to Meet Women or Men

Do you want to know how and where to meet someone for a satisfying relationship, connection, or even fling? Are you unsure of the best ways and places to meet men or women? Social science research has the answer. Read on to find what you want too!

Husband Tracks Sex on Spreadsheet: Does Wife Owe Him More?

Relationship partners often have different wants and needs, creating hard feelings and conflict. Without the right perspective, however, even well-intentioned solutions can make the problem worse instead of better. Fortunately, by learning how power and sex can lead to desire and satisfaction, partners can find a balance that empowers and pleases them both.

Can Your Unique Features Make You More Appealing Over Time?

You don't always have to look and act like everyone else to find and keep love. Sometimes, unique qualities can be attractive too. Find out when and how...

The Secret to Turning Friendship Into Romance

Why do people find themselves attracted to partners they don't like? Why does being nice seem to build friendships but not romantic desire? Why is it so hard to find (or be) both a friend and a lover? Research has the answer...

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Meeting someone online has potential benefits and drawbacks. Learn to use the features of dating online to your advantage. Research can tell you when and how to date online.

When Should You Play Hard to Get?

Sometimes playing hard to get works to build desire. Sometimes it backfires.

How to Flirt and Be Attractive

Do you want that special someone to notice you and find you attractive? Having trouble getting a lover's attention or keeping their interest? If so, these researched tactics to attract a mate can help!

How to Prevent Infidelity and Adultery

Preventing a partner or spouse from cheating can be a big concern in relationships. Often, however, the negative, controlling, or possessive behaviors that people use to stop infidelity just do not work. Find out what to do instead...

Who is Attractive and Compatible as a Romantic Partner?

Do you have a hard time deciding who might be compatible with you as a relationship partner? Do you find yourself attracted to someone - only to be unhappy in a relationship with them? Do you ever wonder why you fall for the "wrong" type of guy or gal, even though you know what is "good for you"? Fortunately, there are solutions for this confusion. Read on to learn them...

Can Prayer Keep Your Lover From Cheating?

Preventing a partner from cheating can be a concern in romantic relationships. Psychological research suggests a surprising solution...prayer. Find out how it can help!

4 Love Lessons Learned from 100,000 Pickups

If you could meet literally thousands of single men and women, think of how much you would learn about love and dating. Nick Savoy, and his company of professional dating coaches have done just that. Find out what they know about playing the game of love and finding Mr. or Ms. Right.

Unrealistic Relationship Expectations: Learning from Don Jon

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Can an Insult Make You Fall in Love?

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Winning an Argument with a Difficult Intimate Partner

Do you argue with a partner who does not see your point of view? Do they get emotional, angry, or just avoid talking to you about what you need? If so, then read on to find out how to persuade them to your way of thinking.

How to Keep a Relationship or Marriage Exciting

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How to Get a Guy's (or Gal's) Attention

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Can Men and Women Be "Just Friends"?

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How Can I Find a Good Man or Woman?

Do you find yourself picking the wrong guy or gal time after time? That may be more than bad luck. Here are five reasons why you might not be finding the love of your life.

Avoiding the Friend Zone: Becoming a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

How do people end up in the "friend zone", facing unrequited love? Why won't some friends-with-benefits ever commit and "make it official"? Read on for the answers...and tips to avoid the friend zone yourself!

Do Pick-Up Artist Techniques Really Work?

Are pick-up artists for real? Do their methods work? Science offers some support for the effectiveness of their "game" and "seduction" techniques.

5 Tips for Gift Giving with a Date or Mate

It can be difficult to exchange gifts with boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, partners, and special friends. How do you find the right present? How much is too much (or too little)? What will keep you in their good graces...and out of the doghouse? Find out here...

Why Nice Guys and Gals Finish Last in Love

Sometimes being nice does not lead to love. Find out why...

How I Learned to Have a Satisfying Relationship

I have learned some valuable lessons in my own search for love and happiness. They just might be the key to happiness for you too. Read on and find out for yourself...

Maximize Your Chances of Picking a Satisfying Partner

How do you know when you've found the right person for you? Use rational choice theory to help you decide!