How to Build a Rewarding Romantic Relationship

How can you make your love life more affectionate and satisfying? Research says that a bit of positive reinforcement and reward can help. Find out how.

Avoiding "Fatal Attractions" in Intimate Relationships

Finding the right partner can be challenging. Picking one who will not annoy you or turn you off in the long run can be even harder. Fortunately, research can help...

Making Sense of Love and Romantic Relationships

It can be difficult to make sense of our thoughts and feelings in intimate relationships—not to mention the behavior of partners too. Fortunately, research has the answers...

8 Ways to Launch a New Romantic Relationship

How do you find a boyfriend or girlfriend? Which approaches are successful and when?

4 Relationship Tips for the Holidays

Spending time with romantic partners, family, and friends can be challenging during the holidays. A few social skills and tips, however, can make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Voting for Love: Politics and Romantic Attraction

Who your date or mate votes for could make (or break) your romantic relationship with them. Find out what the research has to say...

How to Bounce Back From Unrequited Love

Why do we love people who do not love us back? What can we do about unreciprocated feelings? Research has the answers.

Persuading Others With Loving Thoughts

Can a love song increase your chances of getting a date? Can sharing loving memories with your partner make them more agreeable? Find out what the research has to say...

Do Women Prefer Men With Beards?

Does a beard help a guy get noticed? Is a little stubble really sexy? Should he skip a shave or two? Research has the answers.

How (and Why) to Play Hard to Get

Can playing hard to get make you more attractive? Read what the research has to say.

3 Vital Elements of Attraction

Different traits and features are attractive for different types of relationships. Find out how you are attractive—and to whom.

4 Tips for Attracting Someone New (and Still Being Yourself)

Should you behave in the most persuasive and attractive way, or be more authentic? Is there a way to balance the two?

Why Is It So Hard to Tell If Someone Likes You?

Are you ever confused about someone's romantic feelings? Maybe you overlook good partners, or falsely perceive interest? Research can tell you why...and what to do about it!

Is Your Relationship Fair?

Does fairness matter in loving relationships? Should you care whether you are getting too little or too much? See what research says—and balance the scales in your love life too!

6 Ways of Using Facebook to Get and Keep a Date

Can social media help you get a lover and maintain a relationship? According to the research, social networking sites can offer unique advantages for finding love. Learn more here.

3 Essential Lessons of Love and Attraction

This time of year, we all try to learn from the past and create a better future. I learned some things about love that might help you have better future relationships too.

What Is It That We Really Want From Our Partners?

There are categories we all consider when choosing a romantic partner. Knowing them can help you make better choices about who you pick for a mate—and help you be more desirable.

5 Steps to Stop a Partner's Annoying Habit

Sometimes it is the little, annoying behaviors of a partner that make a relationship difficult. This is particularly true when they build up over time and work on your nerves. Find out what research has to say about such behaviors...and how you can encourage a partner to fix them too!

4 Ways to Break Up with Someone Compassionately

While it is always difficult to end an intimate relationship, research indicates that some ways of breaking up are better than others. In fact, it is possible to learn how to break up with someone compassionately and effectively. This approach helps minimize the pain and confusion for both partners, while sometimes even preserving a friendship.

4 Ways to Use Your Words to Build Romance

It is often hard to know how to talk to a potential romantic partner, date, or sexy stranger. What can you say to help build an emotional connection and get them to pick you? According to speed dating research, there are a few tips that can make even four minutes of conversation enough time to get someone to bond, connect, and click. Read on to find out how...

The Surprising Way Social Media Boosts Romantic Commitment

According to research, making things "Facebook Official" with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or lover could help create a lasting love. Find out how to post, share, update, and like your way to long-term relationship happiness.

Can Subliminal Messages Create Feelings of Love and Lust?

Can a sexy picture in the background or a well-chosen romantic word, trigger automatic feelings of love and desire? Could the right situation or association make you seem more attractive, sexy, or alluring to a potential lover? See what the research has to say here...

3 Reasons Why We Don't Commit to Relationships

Why do so many partners seem to prefer casual dating and friends-with-benefits, rather than deeper commitments and marriage? What can you do if you feel stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere? Learn about the research on commitment in romantic relationships—and find out what you can do to get him (or her) to commit!

Should Men or Women Play Hard to Get?

When you meet a sexy stranger, should you act interested or play it cool? The answer depends on whether you are a man or a woman. Read on to learn the science...and the answer.

Loving Eye Contact: How Mutual Staring Can Create Passion

Research suggests that a mutual gaze or stare can help to create feelings of passion and attraction, even between total strangers. Read on for more...

A Single Question Can Boost Your Chance of Getting a Date

Have you ever wanted to ask out someone you know, or get a date with an attractive stranger? In either case, you can increase your chances of getting a "yes" by first asking a simple question, or making a small request. Find out what the research has to say here...

Nice Guys or Bad Boys: What Do Women Want?

What do women want in a romantic partner? Men often do not know. Women are sometimes confused themselves. Fortunately, science does have a clue. Read on to find out too!

The Surprising Power of Women in High Heels

Can the right shoes really make you look sexy? Can they help you be more persuasive? Do guys really respond to that sort of thing? Science has the answer. Read on...
What Message Do Your Gifts Send?

What Message Do Your Gifts Send?

Are you confused about what to get for that special someone in your life during Christmas, the holidays, and special occasions? Do you worry about making the right impression with your present to a date, lover, or spouse? Science can help you decide when and how gift giving can add a boost to your relationship. Read on to find out more.

Which Halloween Costumes are Sexy and Attractive?

Looking for last minute Halloween costume ideas? Do you want to get someone's attention, or a date? Science has some suggestions and tips for you!