photo by Susan Pollak

The Japanese Garden: A Place of Refuge

Can a Japanese garden help us find serenity and perspective during the holidays?

Equanimity: A Practice for Troubled Times

Can the practice of equanimity help us weather the storms of life?

A Meditation on Love and Loss

Can Laurie Anderson teach us about love and loss?

The Challenges of Clinical Practice in Turbulent Times

Can mindfulness help us stay sane in turbulent times? Even some humorous metaphors can guide us

Recovering from Family Stress

Can mindfulness and compassion help us rebound from family stress?

Mindfulness for All

Can mindfulness and compassion reduce racial bias?

The Marketing of Mindfulness

Mindfulness for mind-blowing sex?

Mindfulness in the Museum

Can we look at paintings the way we watch TV?

3 Minute Compassion Space

Can you access compassion in 3 minutes?

Play With Your Food

What can we learn from playing with our food?

Mindfulness and Compassion for Pain

Can we, as the poet Rilke suggests, "live everything?"

When a Loved One is Suffering

What can we do if someone we care about is suffering?
Susan M. Pollak

Joy in Daily Life

Can mindfulness increase our awareness of daily life?

An Unexpected Chord

Disagreement don't need to poison relationships

Mindfulness for the Entire Family

Can children be mindful?

Contemplating Rothko

Can mindfulness enhance creativity?

Mindfulness and ADHD

Can Mindfulness help with ADHD?

What Happened to Lunch?

Why have we stopped eating lunch?

Compassion in the Clinical Hour

Can compassion increase the therapeutic alliance?

Mindful Baking

Can mindfulness help with holiday stress?

Embracing Imperfection

Can an ancient art help us deal with difficult emotions?

Email Apnea

Are you breathing when responding to emails or texts?

Cell Phone Meditation

Can you really meditate with your cell phone on?

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Can mindfulness alleviate burnout?

Mindfulness Doesn't Need to Be Difficult

Can mindfulness meditation be pleasurable?

Walking Meditation in Psychotherapy

You don't have to sit still to meditate

How to Make Mindfulness Accessible

Can I bring mindfulness to chaotic clients?

Yoga and the Art of Listening

Can yoga help us become more skillful clinicians?

Mindfulness and School Stress

Can mindfulness help parents and children navigate the stress of school?

Mindfulness and Creativity

Can mindfulness help with writer's block?