Meditative Psychotherapy

One of the leading integrators of the western psychotherapeutic and eastern meditative traditions shows how the judicious blending of meditation and psychotherapy makes each richer than if pursued alone.

Doing Self Better

Eliminating selfish behaviors is an important part of most religious ethics. Many religions assume that when human beings are left to their own devices, they will be destructively egotistical—even evil. In the face of this spiritual and religious teachings often recommend and promote selflessness.

It Would Be a Pity to Waste a Good Crisis

A young mother I know called me the other day in great distress. Through her tears I learned that she felt humiliated in front of her son’s teachers and the other mothers at a preschool Mother’s Day function when her son acted more rambunctiously than his sedate classmates.

The Real Oedipal Complex

A new world opens up when we focus on the psychological implications of Sophocles’ haunting story rather than on Freud’s theory—or his errors.