The Demography of Aging

Ever wonder why nearly 75% of our longevity has so little to do with our genetics or health care?

Aging, Health, and Conscious Evolution (Part 2)

How can we keep our inevitable failures from causing us to feel negative or downhearted or arouse self-pity?

Aging, Health, and Conscious Evolution

Can a framework based on an ancient parable help us to realize how much control we have over the nature and quality of our old age?

Exploding Three Myths and Stereotypes of Aging

Are we really predestined to become senile and fall apart as we age? Let's stand up for ourselves and appreciate the facts of growing older.

How Our Bodies Age, Part 5

Does sexuality have to decline as we age? Maybe in this regard aging is a myth. We grow old in other people's eyes and eventually they convince us of that fact.

How Our Bodies Age, Part 4

What are the age-related changes that occur and what are the implications for us?

How Our Bodies Age (Part 3)

What changes in our nervous system can we expect as we age? And what are the implications?

How Our Body Ages, Part 2

Our heart, lungs, liver and gastrointestinal tract change as we age in ways that may surprise you.

How does Our Body Change as We Age? (Part 1)

Is normal aging really as benign as we think? Yes it is.

The Secret of Dealing With Fear and Stress

What are effective management strategies to deal with fear and stress?

The Secret of Handling Anger and Aggression

Why is anger such an accelerator of aging?

Growing Old in Ancient Greece and Rome

Is past prologue? Part 2 of our exploration of aging in past cultures.

Growing Old in Ancient Cultures

What can Ancient Egypt, India and China teach us about aging well?

The Big Myth That Losing Weight Will Extend Your Life

Losing weight can be hazardous to your health.

The Big Picture: How Aging Theories Fit into Evolution

Why do we live as long as we do? Perhaps it depends on our perspective.

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

Is the "Y" chromosome doomed?
Mark E. Williams

Aging, Genetics and DNA Repair

Are we programmed to age in a certain way?

Appreciating the Difference Between Pride and Vanity

With all the transitions happening at this moment in history, knowing the distinction between pride and vanity may help us appreciate the actions and reactions we see in others.

Achieving Harmony and Increasing Empathy

Is it really possible for us to live in harmony with others?

Understanding Attention Seeking and Confrontation

Attention seeking and confrontation can provoke strong emotions within us, especially as we age.

How Habits Can Affect Our Memory

Can our habits actually allow our memory to atrophy?

Managing Our Emotions as We Age

What problems can happen when our emotions take over the role of our intellect?

Specific Ways to Improve Your Memory

Do you think your memory has declined over time? Perhaps there are concrete things you can do to improve it.

How Aging Affects Our Memory

What is the upper limit for aging and creativity?

Family Matters

How do family relationships influence how we feel as we age?

How Should Our Diet Change as We Age? (Part 2)

Is there a special diet that will extend our lives?

How Should Our Diet Change as We Age?

Are we what we eat, or what we digest?

The Man Who Could See the Invisible

Thinking about Hurricane Matthew and its possible effects

How Aging Affects Our Sleep

What can we do to sleep well?

Oxygen and Aging

What is best way to combat free-radicals of oxygen?