The Symptom and the Solution

The use of Molly is both the symptom and the solution. A frightening solution, to be sure, because it destroys through overdose, psychosis, and addiction. The question remains: is the use of Molly (or X or MDMA) inevitable in each generation? And how can we help people realize that they are headed down a path of self-destruction?

Addiction Treatment Today

Although we have made great strides in the recognition and acceptance of addiction, we need to ask- what do we know today that can that make a difference in the lives of those addicted to drugs? What is the individual self-medicating? This is the crux of treatment. Courage is needed to see the addiction in a new light so we can see how self-medication forms abuse.

Women and Pain

Recent CDC study finds a 5 fold increase in women addicted to opiates and a high rate of overdose. Looking at this study from a clinical perspective.....

That Place In Between

Passion is key in that it makes it possible to become proficient. Passion allows for intellectual exploration and creativity that wouldn’t be accessed without passionate pursuit, so being passionate about what you do each day makes room for success.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis describes a practice that treats people who suffer from both an addiction and a psychiatric disorder.

National Recovery Month: Connecting the Dots

September is National Recovery Month. The observance began in 1989 as Treatment Works and has grown to a national recognition of the successes made by those seeking treatment as well as those providing treatment.