Equine Assisted Treatment, Part 2

How horses can help at-risk youths

Equine-Assisted Therapy, Part 1

Enlisting horses to help heal our wounded veterans

Teen Sexting: The Dark Side of the Web

Does sexting pose a public health risk?

Family-based Programs for Substance Abusing Teen Girls

For those who are concerned about substance abuse in young girls

Web-Based Programs May Help Reduce Teen Substance Abuse

Can the problem of underage drinking be successfully tackled?

AA Following Rehab: Does It Matter?

AA following rehab enhances recovery

Rethinking Rehab

A person's expectations for rehab matter a great deal.

Why It Pays to Trust

People who are willing to trust others are healthier and happier

Internet Infidelity: When a Poke Is More Than a Poke

Couples share their perceptions and experiences of internet betrayal.

Is Loneliness A Gateway to Internet Exploitation?

Does loneliness place you at risk?

Online Video Gaming: A Haven for the Insecure?

For some the cyber-world may meet some critical developmental needs that we may overlook.

The Enduring Phenomenon of Back-Burner Relationships

Are "side relationships" a new social reality?

Who Connects Best Online, and Why

Attachment styles influence our relationships in the cyber-world as well as the real world.

Influence With a Light Touch

A Badge, a Bible...and an Over-Valued Idea

By Dale Hartley Ph.D., MBA
Why did a state trooper refuse to stop preaching to motorists?

8 Secret Ways We Influence Others With Our Body Language

By Ronald E Riggio Ph.D.
Sighs and shrugs are more powerful than they may seem.

5 Ways to Grow Your Charisma

By Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.
Exude confidence, yes, but never forget how much other people matter.

The Secret to a Billion Dollar Success Story

By Craig Dowden Ph.D.
Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst on the power of vulnerability

Are You or Your Boss a Benevolent Tyrant?

By Mark B. Borg, Jr., Ph.D, Grant H. Brenner, MD, and Daniel Berry, RN, MHA
How to build relationship sanity in the workplace

Why Management Rapport Leads to Employee Productivity

By Victor Lipman
Many managers view their role as building control, not rapport.

The Three Rules for Healthy Money

By Sarah C. Newcomb Ph.D.
What we can learn from the intersection of psychology and economics

Are You a Lime or Are You a Cucumber?

By Talya Miron-Shatz Ph.D.
Health habits can be fun - one cucumber at a time.

Male Borderline Personality Disorder: Being "Second-Best"

Men with Borderline Personality Disorder are cursed with feeling "second-best."

"High-Functioning Alcoholic": A Badge of Honor?

Our tendency to romanticize illness, including alcoholism, can lead us down a slippery slope.

Insecurity in Men with Borderline Personality Disorder

Insecurity is a key dynamic force in men with borderline personality disorder.

Men with Borderline Personality Disorder

Prior experience of abuse, neglect, or abandonment--which men are loathe to share--is a cause of BPD in men just as it is in women

Can Excessive Social Networking Harm Marriages?

Facebook and similar Internet sites have the potential to harm relationships.

Risky Internet Use: At What Point Should Parents Worry?

When should parents draw the line on Internet use?

Is the Man in Your Life "Hard to Love"?

Understanding the Man with Borderline Personality Disorder

Reading Between the Lines of Your Partner's Texting

Texting patterns may be a window into personality.

"Recovering Alcoholic," Words that Stigmatize or Empower?

Is it stigmatizing or empowering to be in "recovery"?

How We Use Social Networking Part 3: FoMO

How the social network can take over your life.

Family Conflict and Adolescent Alcohol Abuse

Can family conflict drive teen girls to drink?

“Frontloading” Among College Students: Motives and Outcomes

"Frontloading" is a dangerous way to overcome social anxiety or boost your confidence.

A New Perspective on "Low Risk" Drinking

How much you drink when you drink can have consequences for your health.

Childhood Trauma and Alcohol Abuse: The Connection

Child abuse promotes adult addiction.

Drinking Can Kill You—Especially If You're a Woman!

Drinking appears to be more lethal for women than for men.